Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weather Forecaster

I never have been one to trust the weather men with all their fancy graphs and maps and animations on the news. They try to predict tomorrow based on man-made science and gadgets and weather stations and satellites. What about my pioneer ancestors, though? Mom used to tell me how Grandma Ward watched out her little kitchen window as storms came over the mountain, knowing the men were out in the fields on machinery. They didn't have any weather man telling them every hour, on the hour, what to expect, how to dress, and whether or not to cut and bale the hay in the north forty. There was life before weather men, I guess.

At this point, my office has lost the glow of sunshine that normally comes through the slats on the blinds. It's been replaced with a muted light. Kind of like when you play around with a photo on the computer, changing the hue or the saturation. Once I get up and open the blinds, I clearly see there's a storm brewing outside. I love to watch a good storm roll in. One with gray skies and wind and thunder and lightening and then a good cleansing rain.

I always thought the world looked so clean and refreshed afterwards. Then Alan informed me that the lightening emits nitrogen and that's what makes everything look greener. I thought it just got washed but evidently there's a scientific reason for the phenomenon. Doesn't matter to me, necessarily, because the feeling doesn't change.

Being on the 4th floor of the highest building in this thriving little metropolis has it's advantages {wish there was such a vantage point for life - guess I haven't climbed that high yet} because I not only see the storm building up but I see the blue sky pushing it through. Always blue sky somewhere. One of my favorite songs talks about bringing on the rain, "because I was thirsty anyway". Makes me remember I need the rough weather and the storms and the rain and the nitrogen so I might as well sit back and enjoy it {I was kind of thirsty}. And besides, I know someone who can calm the roughest storm.

Thank goodness.

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