Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Gravity of the Situation

Gravity is a law; not a suggestion.

A friend tried to teach me this truth awhile ago but I've never been one to learn from others verbal explanations. I have to touch the hot stove, sit on the bench with the "Wet Paint" sign and push the button just to see what happens so I'll know what to do if I accidentally push the button in some random future moment.

This would be the moment right before I was to come to a true

understanding of the gravity of my situation, when, in my infinitely

finite wisdom, I chose to let go and 'enjoy the ride', so to speak.

This is also the moment right before the love of my life {so to speak},

in his infinitely finite wisdom, chose to interject some additional

momentum to make the ride more enjoyable.

This would be the moment right after the moment, when in my

infinitely finite wisdom, I not only chose to let go but I also chose

to shout, "Wheeeeee" as an enhancement to the ride's enjoyment.

This would also be the moment right after Jodi chose, in her

infinitely finite {and innocent} wisdom to wrap her arms around

me; erroneously assuming I was a rock, stable and secure and

sure to keep her from falling off.

This would also be the moment when my infinitely finite wisdom

was enhanced with an 'Ah-ha' moment as I understood how

my kids have felt when I chose to grab the camera to capture a

moment for posterity rather than rush to their aid. That doesn't mean

I'll stop doing it, it just means I'll have more empathy when I'm taking

their picture before I extend a helping hand.

Got the wind knocked out of me - which was a new experience. Hard to know whether to try and breathe, smile for the camera or kick the person behind the camera. I think I made a rib mad - mad enough to make me appreciate how easy Hoss, Little Joe or Ben made it look when they jumped right back on their horse after a saloon-busting fight.

Grampa's meeting with gravity was not quite as painful - well maybe just not physically painful but it might have been a little bit painful to his pride.

This would be the moment when Grampa realized,

in his infinitely finite wisdom, that just because

the "Rocket" swings around freely when the little

kids are in it, doesn't mean it will swing around

freely when the big kid on the playground gets in it.

Maybe it has something to do with where his center

of gravity is located {or NOT located}

Jodi on the Rocket.

Mariah on the Rocket

Brian looking down on the rest of us.

Brian on one of his many perches "On Top

of the World"

Reagan is now walking all over the place and has the prettiest

strawberry blonde hair I've seen!

And, in all fairness to understanding and dealing with the gravity of any given situation, I say:

Give me the eyes, the invincibility, the fearlessness, the heart and the innocence of a child and I can conquer anything!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Rest My Case

If the toilet paper in the Temple wasn't conclusive in supporting my 'disturbing' installation, Barbie certainly should be!

And, no, I'm not going to start crocheting these. Seems a little out of proportion, doesn't it? But then Barbie has issues - and causes issues - of proportionate {or disproportionate} size.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

{hmmmmm...} Can't Think of a Title

Who invented 'title' and 'subject' lines anyway? It seems a bit redundant. Not to mention the fact that most of what I write is downright difficult to figure out what it's about! Read what I write if you want to know the subject, I say!

So, anyway, I copied a bunch more of my music CDs and downloaded or uploaded - actually my mp3 player was to the side so I'm assuming I sideloaded them all onto it. That pie chart they show representing the size of your storage is amazing. Being a graphic type person, I need visual things like that. Well, the piece that represents the 'full' part of my available storage is lots larger than the 'unfull' part now. This was on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a mental health day for me. I called in sick. One of the benefits of working for someone else. Like Glenn says, "When you work for yourself, the boss always knows you're lying when you call in sick." I try not to think about how convincing my crackly, early-morning voice is. After all, I work in a mental health office. If anyone should understand about needing those type of days, they should, right???

This whole day - well, I'm about down to half of it since I used part of it to sleep in - so this half of day is stretching out before me. My sewing room is beckoning me and now that I have this huge chunk of my favorite music in my mp3 player, I'm diving in. Anticipating Joshua, Tennessee Ernie, Andy, Kenny, Placido, John, Roger, Statler, just to name a few, I plug my player into another player so I don't have to listen to it through earplugs and it sounds more like it's just coming from the radio. The music starts. I set it down and turn to get started on some of my projects. The music stops. I go to the player to diagnose the problem and my mp3 player won't work. It's shut off or down or gone to sleep or whatever and I can't get it to wake up. Now I'm frustrated. I go through the checklist of troubleshooting suggestions found on the all-knowing, omnipotent internet, and, not finding an answer there, click {multiple times with great force} the button where I can request to chat with a technician. In this case, 'chat' means 'type' but at least it's quicker than waiting for an email response and I'm really frustrated by now.

So, short story long, I get a technician. Once we get the niceties and formalities out of the way, wahlah, he has walked me through the step(s) that get it working. "What", I type, "happened? What was wrong with it?" I was thinking his answer to my question was going to be a finger pointing right at me telling me not to hook it up to that player or don't load Tennessee Ernie on with Don McClean - or at least separate them with a little Neal Diamond or John Denver or something. But no. His response? "It was just in a State that was temporary."

Well, duh! It's with me and I'm in a temporary State! I hope, anyway!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pondering the End of the Day

Morning prayers are my favorite. I always picture everyone I'm praying about and I love picturing them active and doing fun, productive things during the upcoming day. Especially my family. Morning prayers have more energy in them than night prayers. Maybe because I don't fall asleep so easily during morning prayers. But, how much energy is there in picturing people in their beds?

I was watching Tom Selleck's new show - Blue Bloods - and it gave me something more to think about in my morning prayers. If I can condense it, for an hour {actually about 40 minutes once you take out all the stupid commercials} I'm watching a day in the lives of this police family. The dad (Tom) and two sons are police officers. One of the sons is trying to make sure his wife and son aren't going to the park they think is going to be the target of a terrorist attack - he can never get a hold of them. The dad watches on short circuit tv as that same son puts himself in harms way to save another little boy and keep a lady from making a big, messy boom. You see other members of the family in potentially dangerous situations throughout the day. At the end of the day, they all get together because they're having a birthday party for one of the family members. Before they all dig into the pizza, Dad (Tom) has to say something.

He commented on how they all left that morning, planning on being back together that night to celebrate. And then he just say, "Here we are. And I'm very grateful for that." Obviously you know everyone is thinking about how easily the day could have gone differently. (I'm trying to embed the clip here but not sure it's going to work).

I think I take a lot for granted during the day, too. So, like I said, morning prayers are my favorite.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confessions of a Homebody

"I explained to the families that the only way one can receive someone is to first be home to open the door."

That was a quote from the psychologist who has been attending to the needs of the miners who have been trapped for over two months beneath the surface of the earth in Chile. Now that rescue is imminent, tensions are rising among the family members who have stood vigil for all this time. His statement was meant to give them all a reason to take a break from the stress of waiting and watching for their loved ones. But the statement sort of rekindled a flame in me.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. I have to be home to open the door for him.

'Home' is more than just the structure - it's the spiritual part of the structure; the guts that aren't held together with nails and wood. 'Home' is why people return to the structure, hoping someone is there to open the door.

So, I'm content to be a homebody. I'll not only leave the light on but I'll try and be there to open the door, too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Subjective Reality

This was in the Daily Motivator and I wanted to make sure I kept it and was reminded of it. It's open to individual interpretation based on the experiences of the reader so I'm not going to comment further and risk taking away the message that is specific to whoever you are.

If you're having a difficult day, is it the day itself that's difficult? No, it is the way you perceive and interpret the events of the day that make it feel so difficult. 

Remember that you can always change your perception. You can always choose the way you interpret and respond to whatever happens in your world.

Those who make a habit of achieving great things operate within exactly the same objective reality as everyone else. What sets achievers apart is a more positive, empowering subjective reality that they create with their own perceptions.

Much of what happens in the world is out of your control. Yet all of what you do about whatever happens is yours to choose, to direct and to perform as you please.

Decide to see yourself as empowered by events, and you will naturally take empowering, effective actions. Focus your subjective reality around the values and goals that are truly meaningful to you, and through that reality you can employ those values to achieve those goals.

Look at life with a positive, purposeful perspective. And make reality work for you. -- Ralph Marston

Friday, October 8, 2010

Validation . . . I Think!

Yeah, I felt pretty well normal, hunky-dory, peachy-keen, awesomer than awesome and just plain "okay" after reading the above comic. I'm not disjointed or off-the-wall: I'm just overly adaptable to my life in general and, specifically, every little thing that happens in my life.

Please keep this newly gained knowledge in mind as it justifies not only this blog post but the majority of my posts.

I was trying to watch a particular television channel tonight. It has reruns of Criminal Minds, Without a Trace and NCIS on it so I frequent the channel's assigned frequency frequently. However, it's evidently a broadcasting company that doesn't have a whole lot of money in high places because the slightest anomaly in the weather or the atmosphere has negative effects on the quality of the picture. The screen suddenly turns into a menagerie of tiny digital squares dancing around the screen hoping to find their proper place so the viewer can actually tell what the picture is supposed to be. Kind of like the American Flag scene in Pollyanna where each girl is wrapped in a different portion of the flag and they're scrambling to get in the right order so they actually look like the flag.

Anywho, it's been stormy all week so chances of watching anything on this station has been slim pickins. Tonight was no exception. I'm a die-hard, though, and I hate to let something as inanimate, abstract and intangible as air waves win so I watch the mixed-up screen for awhile {longer than the normal person would}, hoping it will improve.

Tonight I wondered if I was watching me, though. Would I be shocked if suddenly all the little boxes found their places and the picture I was staring at was actually ME? Wow. Maybe this is what I look like when I'm out of sync with what I know I should be doing and not totally in tune with what my Heavenly Father is trying to prep me for. Do I ever come close to having all the pieces slide into their respective places at the same time?

Yeah. There have been snapshot moments where I felt like I was the Cat's Meow and that my life couldn't get any better. I need to figure out what I, personally, was doing at those times that allowed me to make sense of all the little boxy fragments floating around and actually see my life the way Heavenly Father was seeing it. Looking at the picture on the lid of the jigsaw puzzle box sort of gives me an electrical jump start when I'm stalled putting a puzzle together; reinforcing in my mind what all these scattered pieces are supposed to look like when they are joined.


When there are more little boxy picture fragments than large screen images, the sound doesn't stick around, either. So, of course, as I was watching the screen tonight, I wondered if the fragmentation I feel in my life is in direct proportion to the ability I have to hear the promptings and comfortings and soothings and warnings of the Comforter. Even having the closed caption function on doesn't help. If any words flash across the screen at all, they're a conglomeration of random letters that make no sense. I would need one of those cool decoder rings you used to be able to get in the box of Corn Flakes.

And, if the channel goes really bad, the screen will go totally black and an error message will display across the middle that says, "Digital channel signal strength is low". My signal strength is low a lot of the time. I need to figure out what or who I'm allowing to weaken the signal and mess with the quality of my reception. I always picture myself back in New Testament times and I'm like the woman who knows she just needs to touch the hem of the Savior's robe to be cured and healed and perfected. She made her way through the throng and accomplished her desire. Too often I allow myself to be pushed back {why????} allowing petty, worldly things to come between me and the tangible display of my faith.

I don't think I'm as bad as this TV channel gets when storms are brewing in the atmosphere outside. But there are storms and spotty bad weather and I lose sight of how all the pieces are supposed to fit together. I even go so far as to question if I have the right puzzle pieces in my box {or all of them for that matter} or if I have the right antenna on the roof to properly receive signals.

I'm not sure there was even a point to be made here. Just my disjointed thoughts, I guess. Again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lessons Learned

One of my mother's many philosophies was: "Learn something new everyday". Well, I decided to share a little of what I've been learning lately {or lately learning}:

  1. I have a grandson who can pick {I mean itch} his nose AND ride his bike at the same time. {Nate & Krisy, you should be so proud!}

  2. Dieting was invented by a Narcissistic Masochist - twin brother to the Quaker who invented eating in the first place. If I choose low-cal, it's too high carb. If I choose low-carb, it's too high cholesterol.

  3. General Conference is a form of personal inspiration. Everyone hears the same speaker give the same talk but we each receive inspiration in our own way, for our own needs. There's always at least one speaker who is talking directly to me. This year it was the speaker who said: "Go to bed early!" Definitely got to work on that one now.

  4. With each new ache and pain invented by my physical body, my gratitude grows proportionate to the discomfort. There was a quote somewhere: "You can be ashamed of the bald spot or you can be grateful you have a head". I choose to be grateful I have a body and am still getting out of bed to a beautiful new morning.

  5. I am an anomaly, which, loosely translated, means black sheep, rebel spirit, road less traveled traveller - and proud of it.

  6. It is possible to crochet something multiple times, using the same pattern, and come out with multiple shapes and sizes - remotely resembling the picture on the pattern.

  7. You can now buy Life Insurance from the family mortician. Does that sound odd? Only the combination, however! So proud of you, Joe, for passing the test and getting one more credential under your belt!

  8. And, last but not least, I think I may have made salsa wine. Is it a bad thing for salsa to bubble when you stir it up and to have a bit of an alka-seltzer buzz to it?