Saturday, October 23, 2010

{hmmmmm...} Can't Think of a Title

Who invented 'title' and 'subject' lines anyway? It seems a bit redundant. Not to mention the fact that most of what I write is downright difficult to figure out what it's about! Read what I write if you want to know the subject, I say!

So, anyway, I copied a bunch more of my music CDs and downloaded or uploaded - actually my mp3 player was to the side so I'm assuming I sideloaded them all onto it. That pie chart they show representing the size of your storage is amazing. Being a graphic type person, I need visual things like that. Well, the piece that represents the 'full' part of my available storage is lots larger than the 'unfull' part now. This was on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a mental health day for me. I called in sick. One of the benefits of working for someone else. Like Glenn says, "When you work for yourself, the boss always knows you're lying when you call in sick." I try not to think about how convincing my crackly, early-morning voice is. After all, I work in a mental health office. If anyone should understand about needing those type of days, they should, right???

This whole day - well, I'm about down to half of it since I used part of it to sleep in - so this half of day is stretching out before me. My sewing room is beckoning me and now that I have this huge chunk of my favorite music in my mp3 player, I'm diving in. Anticipating Joshua, Tennessee Ernie, Andy, Kenny, Placido, John, Roger, Statler, just to name a few, I plug my player into another player so I don't have to listen to it through earplugs and it sounds more like it's just coming from the radio. The music starts. I set it down and turn to get started on some of my projects. The music stops. I go to the player to diagnose the problem and my mp3 player won't work. It's shut off or down or gone to sleep or whatever and I can't get it to wake up. Now I'm frustrated. I go through the checklist of troubleshooting suggestions found on the all-knowing, omnipotent internet, and, not finding an answer there, click {multiple times with great force} the button where I can request to chat with a technician. In this case, 'chat' means 'type' but at least it's quicker than waiting for an email response and I'm really frustrated by now.

So, short story long, I get a technician. Once we get the niceties and formalities out of the way, wahlah, he has walked me through the step(s) that get it working. "What", I type, "happened? What was wrong with it?" I was thinking his answer to my question was going to be a finger pointing right at me telling me not to hook it up to that player or don't load Tennessee Ernie on with Don McClean - or at least separate them with a little Neal Diamond or John Denver or something. But no. His response? "It was just in a State that was temporary."

Well, duh! It's with me and I'm in a temporary State! I hope, anyway!


  1. ...a temporary state of what? cobwebs, dust, needing a little lubricant, lazy, overuse; what is a temporary state? I know nothing about M3P or MP3 (whatever you call them) players. I guess it came to a screeching halt.

  2. Hey, I'm literally in a state temporarily! Pretty soon we'll be in a state of bliss in the clubhouse crocheting, sewing, whittlin', playing the whiskey jug and the wash tub.