Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lessons Learned

One of my mother's many philosophies was: "Learn something new everyday". Well, I decided to share a little of what I've been learning lately {or lately learning}:

  1. I have a grandson who can pick {I mean itch} his nose AND ride his bike at the same time. {Nate & Krisy, you should be so proud!}

  2. Dieting was invented by a Narcissistic Masochist - twin brother to the Quaker who invented eating in the first place. If I choose low-cal, it's too high carb. If I choose low-carb, it's too high cholesterol.

  3. General Conference is a form of personal inspiration. Everyone hears the same speaker give the same talk but we each receive inspiration in our own way, for our own needs. There's always at least one speaker who is talking directly to me. This year it was the speaker who said: "Go to bed early!" Definitely got to work on that one now.

  4. With each new ache and pain invented by my physical body, my gratitude grows proportionate to the discomfort. There was a quote somewhere: "You can be ashamed of the bald spot or you can be grateful you have a head". I choose to be grateful I have a body and am still getting out of bed to a beautiful new morning.

  5. I am an anomaly, which, loosely translated, means black sheep, rebel spirit, road less traveled traveller - and proud of it.

  6. It is possible to crochet something multiple times, using the same pattern, and come out with multiple shapes and sizes - remotely resembling the picture on the pattern.

  7. You can now buy Life Insurance from the family mortician. Does that sound odd? Only the combination, however! So proud of you, Joe, for passing the test and getting one more credential under your belt!

  8. And, last but not least, I think I may have made salsa wine. Is it a bad thing for salsa to bubble when you stir it up and to have a bit of an alka-seltzer buzz to it?

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