Friday, October 22, 2010

Pondering the End of the Day

Morning prayers are my favorite. I always picture everyone I'm praying about and I love picturing them active and doing fun, productive things during the upcoming day. Especially my family. Morning prayers have more energy in them than night prayers. Maybe because I don't fall asleep so easily during morning prayers. But, how much energy is there in picturing people in their beds?

I was watching Tom Selleck's new show - Blue Bloods - and it gave me something more to think about in my morning prayers. If I can condense it, for an hour {actually about 40 minutes once you take out all the stupid commercials} I'm watching a day in the lives of this police family. The dad (Tom) and two sons are police officers. One of the sons is trying to make sure his wife and son aren't going to the park they think is going to be the target of a terrorist attack - he can never get a hold of them. The dad watches on short circuit tv as that same son puts himself in harms way to save another little boy and keep a lady from making a big, messy boom. You see other members of the family in potentially dangerous situations throughout the day. At the end of the day, they all get together because they're having a birthday party for one of the family members. Before they all dig into the pizza, Dad (Tom) has to say something.

He commented on how they all left that morning, planning on being back together that night to celebrate. And then he just say, "Here we are. And I'm very grateful for that." Obviously you know everyone is thinking about how easily the day could have gone differently. (I'm trying to embed the clip here but not sure it's going to work).

I think I take a lot for granted during the day, too. So, like I said, morning prayers are my favorite.


  1. You can't have Tom. He's mine, and since I'm older than you are I've had a crush on him much longer than you have. So I guess you play the part in the movie where the younger, gorgeous woman tries to take the man away from the senior citizen wannabe girlfriend. Thanks a lot! No clubhouse for you!

  2. Oh, I got a bit carried away in my jealous fit and forgot to say that I'm also grateful when we all get home safely. Hopefully we will all be together when we get to our heavenly home.