Monday, October 11, 2010

Subjective Reality

This was in the Daily Motivator and I wanted to make sure I kept it and was reminded of it. It's open to individual interpretation based on the experiences of the reader so I'm not going to comment further and risk taking away the message that is specific to whoever you are.

If you're having a difficult day, is it the day itself that's difficult? No, it is the way you perceive and interpret the events of the day that make it feel so difficult. 

Remember that you can always change your perception. You can always choose the way you interpret and respond to whatever happens in your world.

Those who make a habit of achieving great things operate within exactly the same objective reality as everyone else. What sets achievers apart is a more positive, empowering subjective reality that they create with their own perceptions.

Much of what happens in the world is out of your control. Yet all of what you do about whatever happens is yours to choose, to direct and to perform as you please.

Decide to see yourself as empowered by events, and you will naturally take empowering, effective actions. Focus your subjective reality around the values and goals that are truly meaningful to you, and through that reality you can employ those values to achieve those goals.

Look at life with a positive, purposeful perspective. And make reality work for you. -- Ralph Marston

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