Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Gravity of the Situation

Gravity is a law; not a suggestion.

A friend tried to teach me this truth awhile ago but I've never been one to learn from others verbal explanations. I have to touch the hot stove, sit on the bench with the "Wet Paint" sign and push the button just to see what happens so I'll know what to do if I accidentally push the button in some random future moment.

This would be the moment right before I was to come to a true

understanding of the gravity of my situation, when, in my infinitely

finite wisdom, I chose to let go and 'enjoy the ride', so to speak.

This is also the moment right before the love of my life {so to speak},

in his infinitely finite wisdom, chose to interject some additional

momentum to make the ride more enjoyable.

This would be the moment right after the moment, when in my

infinitely finite wisdom, I not only chose to let go but I also chose

to shout, "Wheeeeee" as an enhancement to the ride's enjoyment.

This would also be the moment right after Jodi chose, in her

infinitely finite {and innocent} wisdom to wrap her arms around

me; erroneously assuming I was a rock, stable and secure and

sure to keep her from falling off.

This would also be the moment when my infinitely finite wisdom

was enhanced with an 'Ah-ha' moment as I understood how

my kids have felt when I chose to grab the camera to capture a

moment for posterity rather than rush to their aid. That doesn't mean

I'll stop doing it, it just means I'll have more empathy when I'm taking

their picture before I extend a helping hand.

Got the wind knocked out of me - which was a new experience. Hard to know whether to try and breathe, smile for the camera or kick the person behind the camera. I think I made a rib mad - mad enough to make me appreciate how easy Hoss, Little Joe or Ben made it look when they jumped right back on their horse after a saloon-busting fight.

Grampa's meeting with gravity was not quite as painful - well maybe just not physically painful but it might have been a little bit painful to his pride.

This would be the moment when Grampa realized,

in his infinitely finite wisdom, that just because

the "Rocket" swings around freely when the little

kids are in it, doesn't mean it will swing around

freely when the big kid on the playground gets in it.

Maybe it has something to do with where his center

of gravity is located {or NOT located}

Jodi on the Rocket.

Mariah on the Rocket

Brian looking down on the rest of us.

Brian on one of his many perches "On Top

of the World"

Reagan is now walking all over the place and has the prettiest

strawberry blonde hair I've seen!

And, in all fairness to understanding and dealing with the gravity of any given situation, I say:

Give me the eyes, the invincibility, the fearlessness, the heart and the innocence of a child and I can conquer anything!

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  1. I have a "suggestion" about the "law...OBEY it! You're lucky the Playground Police were off duty that day or you would have been arrested for breaking the law.