Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rood Off and Other Signs of Christmas

There were lots of signs of Christmas popping up all over Saturday. The tree was lit up. There were jars of candy and ornaments lined up on the piano for the guessing games. And there were even a lot of reindeer on the loose at our house Saturday evening - all in anticipation of the family Christmas party. There were games and songs and poems and I dare say, more than our share of chocolate and sugar and treats.

Jodi was resourceful and got on the

ball and made name cards for

everyone so we all knew where to sit.

Of course, first off we fed everyone Navajo Tacos. We all function better with full bellies!

We learned about all the places Snowmen can

wear their carrot noses and . . .

. . . Reindeer can sport their red noses.



Santa Claus' elves had quit working and so he needed some help from his Reindeer to fill treat bags. All nine of our Reindeer were eager to help, too, and worked quickly as they raced to make everything fit in their bags. How Santa and his elves do it year after year is beyond us! There's definitely some magic involved.

Adam & Nellie's family (plus Layne) shared a poem that

taught us all about the true meaning of Christmas -

and we also got a bag of M&Ms!

Mariah, Jodi, Layne and Carter sang Rudolph. I think Tyler

is standing behind them being Santa but the camera didn't

get him in the picture.

Tyler recited a poem about a cold lady who swallowed some

snow and then a bunch of other stuff and finally turned

into a snowman.

And then, of course, our party wouldn't be complete without

the Four Scrooges. Should be Five Scrooges but Scott had to

work so he got out of the picture. Amber did, however, take

his hat home to him. 


And, my favorite part, we acted out the Nativity Story.

Carter was concerned about being the Innkeeper. We've never had one in the cast before but with so many kids now, we need all the roles we can get. I was explaining to him that Mary and Joseph were going to come to him while he stood behind his door and he was going to shake his head 'No', because he didn't have any room for them. He thought about that for a minute and then, in a very concerned voice, he asked, "So, am I a bad guy?" I think this was one time he didn't want to be a bad guy; besides there just aren't any bad guys in the Nativity Story! So I explained some more that he was telling them all his rooms were full but he was a good guy because he was sharing his stable with them. He seemed to be okay with that.

By the time the Wisemen were waiting for their cue, they were the only ones in the bedroom and it had quieted down somewhat. That was the point when Layne was finally able to hear that Grampa was reading the story out of the scriptures. His eyes got big as he looked up at me and frantically asked, "I have a speaking part?" "No," I answered. "Just Grampa does." His eyes rolled up as he let out a very relieved, "Whooooo!"

And the evening ended by decorating sugar cookies to eat with ice cream! Start and end a party with food - that's the Christensen Party Formula! And now, with this foundation already in place, I'm certainly ready for the Christmas season!


  1. Whoa, that looks like the best Christmas party ever! We're having dessert at our house on Christmas Day for those of our children who choose to attend. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! So cute.

  2. Way to go, Christensen's. Merry, merry, merry Christmas. Memories!