Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Morning After

I was so tired by the time I finished wrapping presents on Christmas Eve {probably truly early Christmas Morning}, I wasn't sure what exactly would get unwrapped the next morning. I was pretty sure there might even be an empty box or two that I had inadvertantly wrapped thinking I'd put something in it.

Wrapping presents was the highlight of the Christmas season when I was growing up. It was more time consuming and imaginative than buying the presents themselves! I remember thinking very hard about ways to disguise the gifts I had purchased. I seem to recall bottles of fingernail polish stuffed down empty wrapping paper tubes and then newspaper and toilet paper stuffed into both ends until it could hold no more and then wrapping it and taping it up ever so thorough. I remember using colored tapes to make pictures on the outside of the packages. I remember using caulking and cutting out all the separate parts of the pictures on the wrapping paper and making dimensional tags and cards. I remember wrapping 100 {yes 100} separate little metal cars for my nephew Lee when he was little. That might have been a birthday and not Christmas but the same principle applies. Why don't I have that kind of time now?

Oops. Off on another tangent. Back to wrapping presents on Christmas Eve . . . I was forced to scrape the recesses of the storage room looking for empty boxes for the last of the presents. Finally I was done.

And then it was Christmas morning.

Then Christmas night.

And then Christmas was over.

Then it was the morning after. Alan is a very ritualistic person in a lot of ways and his breakfast is no exception - if he has the time.

Alan's festive breakfast place setting. All ready to pour

his cereal and get going.

His cereal didn't come out like he was expecting. Is this

another version of how you can be spiritually fed or

is this truly the Breakfast of Spiritual Champions?

Now this is how breakfast is supposed to look!

Yeah, well, note to self: Don't use Alan's favorite cereal box to wrap his garments in. I guess I need to start saving Froot Loop and Fruity Pebbles boxes so he has a clue to look inside the taped up box.


  1. Ha ha! That's great! I can even see dad's famous belly laugh in that picture. :)

  2. I was going to ask her where the two pair of garments were that I knew I should have gotten for Christmas, but she is also has the tradition of giving boxes of cereal to people for Christmas presents, so I assumed the box contained my favorite cereal whe I took it downstairs to eat breakfast before going to church. Yes, I was surprised when I opened it up and pulled out the missing garments. When I started laughing she came to see what was so funny, and wa-la another blog was born.

  3. Could I hire you to wrap my presents next year! I detest it and always try to coerce someone into doing it for me. Are you coerce-able?

  4. We had an unwrapped Christmas this year. It was fun.