Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wrong Turn Taken Somewhere!

I had high hopes at the start of this Christmas Season. And, believe it or not {'not' would be the smart choice}, Alan was 100% behind me! Ladders were out, measurements measured and re-measured, and the appropriate lengths of extension cords and wiring hooks were purchased. Believe it or not, Wal-Mart was concerned with how many stores they would need to draw from to meet our needs for strings of multi-colored lights {no, we were not going to have only white lights} once I showed them our measurements and Alan's carefully drawn layouts! This was my goal:

I'm sure you can see the logic in my dreams! Totally doable, right? With Alan's help, of course. And anyone who knows him, knows how excited he gets when just the word "Christmas" is mentioned, let alone hanging lights. Kinda right up there with 'moving' and 'painting'!

But as always seems to happens to the best laid plans, mine fell off the wagon, bailed out of the plane without a parachute, jumped ship or just simply missed the boat altogether! I guess the bright side {or not as bright side} is our electricity bill is still within our budget. So instead of sitting back on our laurels and enjoying the absolutely brightest, most festive house in the neighborhood, we are the one with only the bathroom light on! Instead of spreading great joy to all who would pass by {oooh, perhaps we could have even charged a fee to pull into our driveway and enjoy the view for a moment!}, I am more concerned with the spreading of germs. My counters should be covered with confectionery creations but instead they are decorated thus:

Can I just say there should be a law against getting sick during the month of Christmas! If I were only queen!

Two weeks ago I had a touch of a migraine for a couple of days. By the end of the week, I had a frog in my throat that was totally annoying and making it sore off and on. When it got worse, Hunter thought it was hilarious when I told him I had a tickle in my throat, too, because he thought something was tickling the frog who was already in my throat and that was what was making Gramma talk funny. Monday and Tuesday I called in sick but by Wednesday nothing had gotten worse {or better} so I went to work. I had already scheduled the next two days off to get my projects done but I would have been sent home from work if I'd have tried to go in anyway. Still no voice - getting less all the time. Amber wasn't feeling well so I brought Hunter down to spend some time with me so she could get on top. Hey, I was feeling fine - I just had something in my throat tickling the frog and making me talk funny.

Then, Friday evening happened. Don't ask me how or why but that was when! I started coughing. My throat got horribly worse. I was sick in my stomach. All that continued into Saturday - getting worse as time wore on. Everyone I talked to said it was just a highly contagious virus that was going around and everyone was being sent home with Theraflu and honey-lemon tea and Fishermen's Friends throat lozenges. Alan brought it all home from the store and I started doping up. And throwing it up. Alan gave me a blessing Saturday night and I felt comfortable in my choices. By Sunday, I didn't feel comfortable in my choices, my clothes, my skin, my anything! Cutting it almost too close, I finally relented and asked Alan to take me to InstaCare over in Logan. We barely got there in time before they locked the doors. X-rays, swabs, vitals, waiting. The last time the doctor came in his comment was, "You look like you're melting". Then he pronounced, "You have pneumonia and strep throat probably started from a viral infection. You realize you barely made it through the door tonight?" In more ways than one!

He added more 'confectioneries' to my counter decorations and I did get a Bugs Bunny body decoration! I didn't realize it until the next day when I cared a little more, though. I didn't get a sucker, though. Now that I care, I'm a little disappointed.

Instead of making all the things I had cut out in my sewing rooms, I've made lots of lists - Bucket Lists. I've planned my funeral - twice. Oh, wait, I don't want a funeral. Throw that away and cross that task off my Bucket List. I've thought about catching up on my journal. Thought about reading all the books that are on my shelves that I haven't read yet and watching all my favorite movies once more. Thought about doing a marathon scripture-reading event. Thought about finishing all my unfinished projects. I've thought a lot. Didn't do a lot but I've thought a lot. Thought a lot about how I used to lay my head in Mom's lap and she would run her fingers through my hair and soothe me. Okay, so maybe I've thought a little too much.

But, tonight, I do feel more like living than I have the last few days. I still have the tickle but I think the frog is gone. And there's four more days until Christmas. And miracles really do happen! Alan even promised me he'd help me with my magnificent light project next year! {Yeah, well, so maybe I drank a little more of my codeine-laced cough syrup right before I remember him saying that}


  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling so yucky & right in the middle of all that, had Hunter for a sleepover. And I thought you said you didn't get a cartoon bandaid? Hope all your drugs help you feel better. RTILYABAAP

  2. Yeah right, we can't even get him to paint, I can't imagine that he would be a willing participant in stringing that many lights! Love you and hope you feel better!!

  3. Yes, she has been very sick and VERY delusional. One laugh is when her friend asked if there was anything she could do to help Janis, she answered,"ten minutes ago you could have taken the shot of antibiotics for me." Her friend replied, "Sorry, friendhip only goes so far." Glad you are feeling better, but it will still probably take a week or more before you get a real kiss, not a blown one. Love you. Alan

  4. I am sorry you have been sick. I wish I could share your blog with my family. I love your humor, even in "perilous" times. I love the decorated house. You need to read the Pickles cartoon of yesterday about decorating houses--enjoy what others do! Love you.