Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Spoiled!

I try to be appreciative but I'm sure I fall short more times than not, but my husband spoils me! I know this will mean nothing to anyone else but I wanted to make note of it. A few years ago I stumbled upon the coolest snap press {a tool for attaching snaps to jackets, shirts, pjs, doll clothes, etc. or whatever else you so desire to have snaps attached to}. I was actually looking for a cheap place to buy snaps in bulk on the Internet when I stumbled across the press. It uses a different kind of snap - they're actually plastic - but I really like them. However . . . the press is bulky and heavy and in order for me to get that last umph to know the snap is attached, I have had to put the press down on the floor so I could have enough leverage. It's not difficult or sweat-producing, just strategic.

A few days ago I once again stumbled {something I do a lot of when I'm surfing the Internet} upon instructions for building a stand so the snap press could actually be operated with a foot pedal. I printed them off right as Alan was walking by and just off the wall {and so I'd know if it was even worth dreaming about} I showed the pictures to Alan and inquired as to the feasibility of building such a contraption. He looked at it, made a few noncommittal comments and that was that.

 Next thing I know, he's gathering pieces here and there. He spent an evening in Nate's shop welding {thank you Nate for sharing your warm shop with your father} and pretty well his entire day off Saturday out in front of his shed working. There were several trips to the hardware store and the welding shop.

And, wallah, I have a snappy snap press contraption! When it gets warmer, it will need to be taken outside and primed and painted but for now, it works like a charm. Except I don't know my own strength now and have to be careful so I don't break the snaps. Kind of a cool feeling being stronger than you realize! Anyway, like I said, it means nothing to anyone else but I'm thrilled.

Thanks for spoiling me, Alan!


  1. It's nice to have a picture with the description...I was completely lost when Dad was trying to explain it to me on Saturday. Too bad you didn't have the contraption BEFORE you did all those Christmas jammies.

  2. The thing is that all those Christmas pj's became birthday ones when Janis got pneumonia and could not get them all done in time, so there is a whole pile waiting to have snaps set in them.

  3. Aww! Dad is so great! Mom, you're great, too (didn't want you to be left out)! :) Love you guys!

  4. Have you snapped?!! Snap to it and get those jammies finished. That contraption looks pretty snappy. Husband's ARE good for something...just a joke. What would we do without them?