Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Philosophy!

One minute you're having the ride of your life. The next minute . . .

One minute you're leading the pack. The next minute . . .

One minute you're in control. The next minute . . .

Well . . . it's all relative.

But it definitely happens FAST!


  1. ...and we were anxious and agreed to have this experience. Life is too short not to enjoy, no matter how fast. Every minute counts. Happy New Year! Love you.

  2. Just thought I'd finish your sentences, which I know, you left blank on purpose:
    The next minute you're stuck in a pothole wondering why you went on the ride in the first place.
    The next minute you're behind and picking up the rest of the pack's poop.
    The next minute you're sitting in a corner sucking your thumb and getting Pepsi Max intravenously thinking "life really IS good".

  3. I didn't dare finish the sentences - or rather there were so many ways to finish them, I decided to leave it all open to interpretation! And, Betty, you interpreted very nicely!!!