Sunday, February 13, 2011


Had a defensive driving training at a staff meeting the other morning. It was really only watching a short video from YouTube and the main point of it was to be aware of what's {or who} is around your vehicle before you get in. The wrap-up point was to set a G.O.A.L. {Get Out And Look} and be a more defensive driver. I liked the acronym GOAL for more reasons than just defensive driving and have been thinking about it a lot since watching the video.

Like, Get Out {of my comfort zone} And Look for ways to push myself to be a better person. Or Get Out {of the box} And Look for alternative ways to accomplish things that initially appear to be impossible.

And then in Primary we were asked to draw a picture of one thing we liked that Heavenly Father had created and given to us because He loves us. One of the teachers mentioned seeing a newborn calf in another ward member's yard on her way to church. Whiplash! I'd driven that same route and I hadn't seen any newborn calf! My immediate thought was, "I need to Get Out {of my little space bubble} And Look at the world that's just beyond my borders.

And then I read today's Daily Motivator and it put even another perspective on my thoughts. This is how it read:


There are miracles all around you. All you have to do is notice them.

There are plenty of opportunities for moving forward in precisely the direction you wish to go. You simply must allow yourself to notice them.

The world has a way of calling your attention to certain things, yet those are only the things the world wants you to see. It's up to you to direct your focus upon those things you wish to see.

There are countless things that you can notice right now that no one else has ever noticed. Great fortunes and lives of outstanding achievement have been built by those who notice what had previously gone unnoticed.

Just a little curiosity can spark your interest. Just a little more can uncover all sorts of things that are truly amazing and valuable.

There's no limit to the abundance you can tap into when you notice that it's there. Open your eyes, open your mind, be clear and authentic about your purpose, and notice the hidden treasures that are literally everywhere. --Ralph Marston

So . . . I'm going to Get Out And Look for what I've previously overlooked. I'm going to Get Out And Look at things I choose to look at, not just the things the world throws at me. That's my new GOAL.

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  1. I'm getting old. Would it be all right if I just stayed in the car and looked? Love all of your analogies and examples. What a gift!