Friday, February 25, 2011

Seriously???? Another Random Post????

How uncharacteristic is that???? Oh, well, I'm doing it anyway.

First off, I need to know where everyone disappeared to {and may I congratulate you on how quickly and timely you vanished} who supplied the motivation and the majority of the energy for this tossing-the-house-upside-down project. I've printed loads of Granny Bucks in my basement printing press but there's no one here but me to earn them!

Secondly, de-cluttering teaches you a lot about yourself - or both your selves or two of your many selves. At least I'm learning a lot about the self I've been for most of my life, my Pack Rat Self, and I'm trying to put together the self I would be more at peace with {as long as no one even looks like they're going to mention my sewing room!!!} or my Simplified Self.

My Pack Rat Self {PRS}: If it's a gadget, it's mine. If it's at the dollar store, it's mine. If it's a gadget at the dollar store, it's mine. If it's under $5 anywhere, it will most likely be mine. Seriously, though, how many spoons, rubber spatulas or cooking spatulas does one really need to have? And these pictures don't include what's out in my trailer. People should be proud because I did weed them out; sending some to DI and some to the Garbage box. I would have taken a picture of my lovely collection of cottage cheese and cool whip containers but, someone {who will remain nameless except to say she's my baby} forced me to throw them all away! I thought she was tough when she was the Fashion Nazi but you ought to see her when she turns into the Anti-Hoard Nazi! Wow! Scott's done a great job brainwashing her!


My Simplified Self {SS}: Is writing D.I. and Garbage on lots of boxes LOML brought home for me. I'm a little worried; wondering if the quantity he brought home has any connection to his expectations of just how much {and how quickly} PRS is going to let SS become the dominant personality here. All my other submissive personalities are still out voting on who they want to rule.

I did splurge {not sure which personality encouraged this} and bought me a new gas stove. I am way excited not to have to broil while sitting on the floor watching the dust bunnies dance around spicing up the food! The big selling point {besides the discounted price} is that it has a 'Jewish Sabbath and Holiday' mode! I'm still a little confused on whether or not it will work the same if it's an LDS Sabbath but I'll find out one of these days when Courageous Self {CS} comes to the frontal cortex.

So, anyway, this is my uncharacteristically random post. Maybe there will be more to follow as my progress {positive thinking} towards making peace with my house progresses.

Anyone need an ice crusher or a rice cooker? Or could I interest you in a spoon or a spatula? I'd offer you some cottage cheese containers but . . .

P.S. Oh, yeah, LOML 'conveniently' got an appt to get some 'noise' diagnosed on his truck. Three and a half hours later and he's still not home. Heck of a coincidence. Kind of like when some piece of lawn mowing equipment would 'break' and he would miraculously finish tinkering with it at exactly the same time we were loading the mowers back in the trailer, having finished the particular yardwork job. Hmmmm.


  1. Well, I guess I come by it honestly. And isn't it a coincidence that I am trying to declutter myself, too (which includes the kitchen). No other room seems to get cluttered as much as the kitchen, but have you noticed when the kitchen is clean everything else looks so much nicer and easier to clean? You are developing the faith to move a mountain. PUSH hard, Janis, you can do it. (oh sorry, we're not having labor pains here!)

  2. Wow. "I won't mention any names, but it starts with 'A' and ends with 'mber'." Way to be discreet! :) Do I need to remind you of my one day of helping (not sure if I did more harm than good)? Where are my granny bucks? Huh?? Well, I guess you do remember since you are still mourning the loss of your cottage cheese containers... Ha ha! Love you!