Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whether the Weather Matters or Not

Just another one of those billboards along my chosen road of life that I not only notice but find either humor or an alternative meaning in. Sometimes they enter my line of vision quite often - other times there are miles between them. I haven't decided if there actually is a break in the billboards or if I'm just too focused on the road to notice them. Most likely the latter.

The theme this month in Primary is "Heavenly Father speaks to us through the Prophets". For each theme there is a scripture and that scripture gets posted on the bulletin board to be referred to all month. The scripture for March is D&C 1:38 and this is a re-creation of what the sign on the bulletin board looks like:

It took me a minute last week as we were reciting it to figure out what didn't look exactly right. Once I saw it, I had to repress a smile and a chuckle. Then the more I thought about it, the more my twisted little mind began to enjoy the misprint.

I've done nothing but complain this winter as every forecasted storm that was supposed to hit this area, has mysteriously either passed us by or had an extremely lighter impact on us than initially predicted. I learned early on in my marriage that it does no good to complain about the weather. If I complained about it being too dry, LOML was quick to point out that farmers had their hay down and rain now would be disastrous for them. If I whined about yet another rainstorm, LOML reminded me that there were dry land farmers who needed all the rain they could get. OK, fine. I keep my mouth shut now.

Translate the weather to my personal life, though, and it has little bit different meaning. I suppose if I complain because there are too many storms, I need to be reminded that I evidently have some hidden strengths that need some watering so they can grow a little bit more. I like the song that says, "bring on the rain - I was thirsty anyway". Might as well let it have as positive an effect as possible.

And then, when I listen to my Heavenly Father, either through personal inspiration as He answers my prayers or as I read the counsel of the prophets {from Adam to President Monson}, and follow it, I will be able to 'weather' the storms that come in contact with me on my chosen road. I guess there's always the possibility I may not come out looking as 'weathered' in the end if I follow that counsel more carefully. Yet another challenge for me to work on!

And, also, as a totally unrelated side note: I think I should get the Nobel Prize for something as I think I have discovered the source - and perhaps the possible cure - for all those people out there who are tortured with hearing voices in their head. I'm going on three weeks now with a totally plugged ear from my head cold. Hopefully by the time this second round of antibiotics is done, the ear will be back to normal. Every time I talk, it sounds like it's coming from somewhere in my head instead of out my mouth. Every time there's a noise, I am confused as to which direction it came from and end up wondering if it came from my head. So, I'm thinking there's a possibility that people who hear voices only have a really major head cold or possibly a sinus infection! It's a thought {simplistic, I know} but a thought, just the same!!!


  1. Like you, I have learned that weather is weather, whether we complain about it or not. I love the way you look at the rain as being positive in that it may be watering your hidden strengths. Wait until you read The Power!

  2. I just want you to know that I saw the typo before you pointed it out... thought you would be proud of me. Love you

  3. Joseph, can I just say I am awesomely proud of you! Thanks for commenting so I know you're still alive, too! Love you guys