Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cat Fight in the OK Corral

So, if I'm OK and you're OK {psychological feel-good phenomenon of the 70's}, why pray tell was there a fight between a couple of female clients today? There is so much about this life I don't understand but with every addition to my "Don't Understand" list, I'm reminded how grateful I am I don't have to judge all this in the end! And shouldn't be judging it here in the middle!

There's a smoking cessation group {fondly pronounced 'sensation' by the clients} and as soon as it's over the entire group meets out by the dumpster to have a smoke. Then they come to another group where the therapists are attempting to teach them coping skills and mechanisms. How do they choose to cope? In the middle of a misunderstanding, they get in a cat fight. Literally. There are clumps of hair in the garbage can. And, by the way, this was not our children's group. These were adults, age wise.

So, to help me decompress afterwards {besides self-medicating with a Pepsi Max}, I dig one of the many books I am in the process of reading out of my bag. The particular book I select is written about Mister Rogers and, picking up where my bookmark is, I begin reading a description of an impromptu beginning to one of Mister Rogers' shows. He came in wearing sunglasses in addition to his normal sweater and sneaker attire. In his soft voice, Mister Rogers asked the children if they knew who he was. Then he took the glasses off so they could see it was still really him. Then he put a wig on and asked them the same question, "Do you know who I am?" His point was, it didn't matter how he looked on the outside, he was the same Mister Rogers on the inside.

{Side Note: My fondest memory of Mister Rogers came when Nathan was just small. He was in the front room watching the show and all of a sudden I heard muffled words coming from Nathan. I went into see what was going on and found him with his blankie over his head, chanting over and over, "Please Freddie don't sing. Please Freddie don't sing."}

I process that with what has just transpired and my mind is wandering around wondering about a few things. I feel like I am friends with all these people. I care about them. Every morning I pray for Heavenly Father to bless me with his spirit that I can discern the needs of the people I come in contact with and, in some small, uneducated way, give them something positive. Many of these people share their joys and their sorrows and their anxieties with me. When I make reminder calls, often I get updates on other parts of their lives.

I also realize that these people I see on a day to day basis and who share laughs and tears with me, also wear disguises. Maybe they don't realize they have the disguises on or maybe they do realize it but they're confused because they don't remember actually choosing to wear this particular disguise. And either they don't know how to rid themselves of these deceptive disguises - or they don't dare get rid of them because their disguises protect them. Their disguises have labels like bipolar or borderline or depressive or OCD or schizophrenic, etc., etc,. I wouldn't even dare start sharing the labels on my disguises {the ones I know about}!

However, after all is said and done, I hope I will know these people in another realm when their disguises are removed. I hope I will know what to look for and will recognize their familiar spirits. I'm sure they will be among the brightest spirits there. I hope they will still want to share the laughter and tears with me - even when my disguises are off!

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  1. Only problem is, they need to get rid of this disguises before they die because it will be easier here. Those disguises will go with them if they don't change now or it will be harder on the side of the veil. Our addictions go with us, unless we get rid of them in this life. Just a thought!