Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goodbye Faithful, Old Friend

I was putting some hamburger in the freezer the other day and got all nostalgic. It was kind of weird how the emotion just sort of came on. I mean who starts crying when they're putting food in the freezer? Well, I guess with the cost of hamburger nowadays, it is cause for a tear or two.

What happened was, out of the blue, the cirucmstances of Faithful Freezer entering our life came to the front of my memory and I was reminded that the freezer was only a day older than Nathan and then it just snowballed from there. I didn't dare ask Nathan to let me take his picture standing by Faithful Freezer for fear it would become my Faithful Coffin or something but here it is in all its faithful glory, even though its been taken out of the house and now sits alone outside in the cold and rain and snow. 

Yes, that's the fingers and crowning top of the

head belonging to LOML as he holds the

door open for the picture. I should have

just had his whole person in the picture!

Our Faithful Freezer has served us well. It so happens that he's pretty full right now but 33 years 6 months and 17 days ago {approximately}, he only held a bag of homemade cookies.

IFA used to sell freezers that long ago and LOML had now been working at the Delta store for almost four full months. We made one of our first major purchases {second only to the washer and dryer} when we decided to invest in one of IFA's freezers. We'd gotten some meat from Alan's family and, with a baby coming, felt it would be good for food storage and also more convenient to be able to store our meat at our house instead of having to go to Flowell whenever we wanted to get some of it.

So, on Saturday, September 24, 1977, our Faithful Freezer was unloaded into our garage in Deseret, plugged in and a bag of cookies plunked in it to make sure it was going to work before filling it full of meat. Well, next day Nathan decided to enter this world and so Faithful Freezer had to hang onto that bag of cookies for a few more days. I think I was still in the hospital when Alan went and got the meat because I remember him telling me he was going home and fix him a steak and french fries. I think I was supposed to be jealous or something but it just served to remind me LOML will never starve if left alone.

The years have taken their toll on Faithful Freezer, who has had to have a bungee cord to help him shut tight for quite awhile now but that's really through no fault of its own. When the kids had to get something out of the freezer, they'd stand on the bottom shelf in the door for leverage and support in order to reach whatever was just beyond their reach {probably OtterPops or popsicles or ice cream}. Therefore because Faithful Freezer was willing to lend his door for their support, the door became crooked and could no longer hold the seal when it shut on its own. Hence the bungee cord.

We were told by the salesperson that we'll

be lucky if this freezer lasts ten years. They

don't use the same type of freeon or something

that they used 33 years 6 months and 17

days ago. Crazy!

We've burned up many a blow dryer and broken several spatulas defrosting Faithful Freezer, too, as we've chisled away at the build up of ice. Faithful Freezer's replacement won't enjoy that kind of one-on-one time and loving attention since we opted for the hassle-free {albeit less energy efficient} model with a self-defrosting mode.

Anyway, the only reason we even considered replacing Faithful Freezer was the fact he started blowing the fuse or the circuit breaker or whatever you call it in the mudroom. LOML called around and did some troubleshooting, finally coming to the conclusion that the compressor on Faithful was failing and he was in an active state of dying.

After a quick trip to Logan, we now welcome Replacement Freezer into the family. Believe it or not, Replacement Freezer has a Sabbath mode, like my new stove! What's with that? I was understanding the Sabbath mode on the stove to mean you would put your food in before the Sabbath and the stove was timed to start cooking it and stop cooking it so no one had to do any work on the Sabbath. Maybe I was wrong and it makes it so you actually can't use it until the Sabbath is over. Replacement Freezer says when it's in Sabbath mode everything except the compressor shuts down. So are there religions that don't believe in using electricity on the Sabbath day? I guess I need to do some research.

Anywho, to the relief of many, I now have one less thing in the house to get nostalgic over and ramble randomly about.


  1. You forgot to mention how said bungee cord would fly off the handle and smack us. Even to this day I stand far away and cringe when I would have to fasten it. Good riddance I say! :)

  2. Isn't it amazing the things we get nostalgic over? I wanted to park the old van in the back yard and grow flowers around it and in it but no one agreed. Couldn't even hold a funeral for it. Well, at least you were able to find a replacement freezer, which will probably not work as long as the old one did. That's life.