Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making Our Own Spring

Sitting on the front porch of our little house in Deseret, watching the tractors and other various farm machinery go up and down the road has got to be one of my most favorite memories. It's one of those memories that stays alive because all the senses are involved. I could just feel the life coming into everything around me and the anticipation was contagious.

Seems like it's been quite a few years since spring has been so obvious. I'm not sure we even have spring anymore! So, I guess you could say we've decided to make our own spring. Alan's got peas and onions coming up and he's got other plants and seeds ready to go into the ground.

It was a rather hard winter on a lot of our stuff. My raspberries froze and had to be trimmed clear down to the dirt. A lot of the rosebushes froze, too, and Alan had to cut them way back. My forsythia is having to come back from the roots so I won't get to see those blossoms for at least another year. I got a couple of rosebushes for Mother's Day so Alan got those planted. I'm excited to see how the one turns out because it looks like they'll be a reddish brown and, of course, the other is my favorite - yellow. I walked into Walmart the other day {for something totally unrelated} and was totally captivated by a bush they had for sell. I heard it call my name and when I tried to ignore it, all the bushes on the table shouted in unison and I was forced to buy one. The blossoms look kind of like those on a snowball bush but they're a reddish-coral color.

My sis and her husband bought Mom's house before she died and have now moved back to Utah to live in it. We went to see them and try and help them fix up some stuff and were able to get some lilac and snowball bush starts from Mom's yard. Hopefully they'll be able to deal with the stress of the move {the bush starts as well as Betty & Glenn} and take root and thrive here.

I'm going to experiment and see if some of the branches we had to cut off will root on their own. The branches of Mom's snowball bush {actually it was a tree} had pretty much done that. The branches had grown out and gotten so heavy that they'd drooped over and wherever they touched the ground, they rooted. {a whole new meaning to 'bloom where you're planted', huh? More like 'bloom where you drop' or 'bloom where you're stuck'. Okay, that was a little negative. Oops.} So actually the inside of the snowball tree was cave-like. It was the perfect hideout. Maybe we'll have to let one of these grow like that! I can feel LOML groaning with the thought!

The bird feeders are up. I'm thinking maybe if I feed the birds, they'll eat mosquitoes for me this summer. Scott made me some shepherd's crook hook things for my hummingbird feeders so I'll get those up soon, too.

The next post may not be so upbeat as we've come to a mutual decision that Ima Tree will be put out of her misery. She's fought a good fight but it's time to let her go to the big Pine Forest in the Sky. More on that later.

So, hopefully, out little efforts will coax spring into really happening. I don't want summer, but some spring would be nice!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep ...

I pray the Lord my soul to keep...

Wait a minute, Lord. I'm confused.

Do I pray for wisdom to understand or courage to act? Do I pray for insight and words to counsel or patience to hold my tongue? Do I pray for strength to just endure or faith to push myself a little further each day? Do I pray for validation no matter the cost or do I just pray for peace? Do I pray to be deaf and blind to the adversary or do I pray for keener sight and sharper hearing to better help others? Do I pray to be protected from all harm and evil or do I pray for discernment to choose the right path?

Or do I just say "thanks"? I don’t know.

I think I'd better just pray for a hole in the crowd so Your hems might brush my fingertips.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm a survivor.

Before it all started, the nurse explained that I shouldn't drive or participate in any activities that required coordination for at least 12 hours after leaving the hospital because my judgment would be impaired. I quickly informed her my judgment had been impaired for so long that I'd learned to function within its parameters. And, as for coordination, well . . . enough said.

My nerves quickly got the best of me at the outset and I just laid there and bawled. I decided not to voice my request to be left alone if I lost consciousness. By the time I went in, I was hoping I would. But I haven't sneezed or seen any dead people yet so I'm assuming all went well.

The doctor wouldn't duct tape my mouth shut, either, but he promised they would all put duct tape on their ears.

I didn't come home empty-handed {just empty boweled}, however. I got to bring home a new fancy, dancy pair of slipper socks and three (3) headaches. One headache for lack of sleep {I got one hour last night}, another for stress and anxiety, and the third from lack of caffeine all day today. One headache per vice or weakness or whatever, I guess.

And the LOML bought me lunch and hasn't laughed at me yet so I can't really complain!

Oh, yeah, and something totally ironic????? I've never met this particular doctor before and I'll be hog-swallowed if he didn't remind me so totally of the other dentist on "Ghost Town" - the nice one from India. I just kept staring at him, thinking . . . well, you can imagine what I was thinking!


Yes, if you're reading this, I have gone like a lamb to the slaughter. The one thing that makes you realize you really are over 50 is when the doctor tells you it's time for this 'procedure' {I prefer to call it a ghastly violation}. Grrrr. Oh, well, I did successfully put him off for a few years. {Guess I shouldn't have said that and then ya'll would've gone on believing I was only 50}.

Yup, the colonoscopy. I know. Many of you {oh, wait, was that all of you????} just threw up in your mouths and are covering your eyes because I've blogged tooooooo much information. Just wait until you're 50, that's all I have to say!

My two biggest fears, though, about this whole 'procedure'?

  1. I'll say something stupid, embarrassing, or totally idiotic while under the influence of the anesthesia. {or worse, yet, I'll snort or make some other gross noise}.

  2. After it's all over and they send me home, I'll see dead people. {You'll have to watch the movie "Ghost Town" to understand that fear - which, by the way, I chose to watch last night}.

So, there's a checkbox on the paperwork where you can mark if you want to talk to the doctor beforehand. I've checked it. I have but two requests:

  1. Duct tape my mouth shut

  2. If I lose consciousness, let me be.

Enough said.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I changed the "mission statement" of my blog. I hope I don't offend Nellie by stealing a saying from a sign she has ready to hang in her house. I've seen the saying before and I immediately liked it's message. I would like to hope that's what my family is about. I know for a fact we do loud real well. And I hope I'm not the only one who makes mistakes. I hope we give second chances and grace and sorrys and hugs and love. I know we each need them all at some point in our life.

Each time I've seen the saying since the first time, it's meant even more to me. Maybe it's because I've had more experiences that have made each one of the points more real and important.

I've been reading a book about how the Law of Attraction pertains to the gospel and not far into it, I read something that gave me a whole new perspective - a perspective I've been missing. I've always felt the things I was reading and learning were in alignment with the teachings of the church {and pray constantly that I will know when I read something that is not in alignment}. Lately, though, I've been feeling like I just wasn't in sync with the world, the gospel, the Law of Attraction - basically life in general. I struggle to maintain positive affirmations over a significant span of time and allow little things to poke pin holes in my motivation or accomplishment or my general space bubble. Enough pin pokes later and, sure enough, I'm squealing all around the room, bouncing off the ceiling, against the bookshelf and then splat shapelessly onto the floor like a blown-up balloon that's been let go of before the knot is tied.

What I read said that even though I may think positive affirmations up the wazoo {obviously I'm paraphrasing there}, struggles are still going to happen. I'm not going to get all the green lights or all the perfect parking spaces; there will still be surprise bills that keep me from realizing my desire for wealth, there will be difficult people at work and I will still see things that remind me of the struggles I have with my house. But that's okay. That doesn't mean I'm a failure at affirmations or feeling positive or attracting good into my life.

It means Heavenly Father is still in charge and as long as my direction stays headed His way, I'm okay. Overall I will still attract good in my life and that good will be all the more appreciated because of the struggles I've had getting there. And I testify to that.

Okay, well, maybe it only makes sense to me because it was an answer to my questions and ponderings. But, it's my blog so I can post things that don't make sense to anyone else but me!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To The Mothers of My Grandchildren

Can I just say that the main reason I have such great grandchildren is because they have wonderful mothers? Well, they do!

I am so proud of these four mothers and I love you with all my heart. You teach me constantly and I am in awe of all of your patience, creative ideas and your endless love for your children.

Thank you for letting me be a part of all of it!