Saturday, May 14, 2011


I changed the "mission statement" of my blog. I hope I don't offend Nellie by stealing a saying from a sign she has ready to hang in her house. I've seen the saying before and I immediately liked it's message. I would like to hope that's what my family is about. I know for a fact we do loud real well. And I hope I'm not the only one who makes mistakes. I hope we give second chances and grace and sorrys and hugs and love. I know we each need them all at some point in our life.

Each time I've seen the saying since the first time, it's meant even more to me. Maybe it's because I've had more experiences that have made each one of the points more real and important.

I've been reading a book about how the Law of Attraction pertains to the gospel and not far into it, I read something that gave me a whole new perspective - a perspective I've been missing. I've always felt the things I was reading and learning were in alignment with the teachings of the church {and pray constantly that I will know when I read something that is not in alignment}. Lately, though, I've been feeling like I just wasn't in sync with the world, the gospel, the Law of Attraction - basically life in general. I struggle to maintain positive affirmations over a significant span of time and allow little things to poke pin holes in my motivation or accomplishment or my general space bubble. Enough pin pokes later and, sure enough, I'm squealing all around the room, bouncing off the ceiling, against the bookshelf and then splat shapelessly onto the floor like a blown-up balloon that's been let go of before the knot is tied.

What I read said that even though I may think positive affirmations up the wazoo {obviously I'm paraphrasing there}, struggles are still going to happen. I'm not going to get all the green lights or all the perfect parking spaces; there will still be surprise bills that keep me from realizing my desire for wealth, there will be difficult people at work and I will still see things that remind me of the struggles I have with my house. But that's okay. That doesn't mean I'm a failure at affirmations or feeling positive or attracting good into my life.

It means Heavenly Father is still in charge and as long as my direction stays headed His way, I'm okay. Overall I will still attract good in my life and that good will be all the more appreciated because of the struggles I've had getting there. And I testify to that.

Okay, well, maybe it only makes sense to me because it was an answer to my questions and ponderings. But, it's my blog so I can post things that don't make sense to anyone else but me!


  1. Not offended at all! I love the saying, which is why it's waiting to be hung on the wall. It fits our family perfectly I think. Thanks for hanging out with me today. It was fun.

  2. I never got to hang out with my mother. Do it as often as you can.