Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making Our Own Spring

Sitting on the front porch of our little house in Deseret, watching the tractors and other various farm machinery go up and down the road has got to be one of my most favorite memories. It's one of those memories that stays alive because all the senses are involved. I could just feel the life coming into everything around me and the anticipation was contagious.

Seems like it's been quite a few years since spring has been so obvious. I'm not sure we even have spring anymore! So, I guess you could say we've decided to make our own spring. Alan's got peas and onions coming up and he's got other plants and seeds ready to go into the ground.

It was a rather hard winter on a lot of our stuff. My raspberries froze and had to be trimmed clear down to the dirt. A lot of the rosebushes froze, too, and Alan had to cut them way back. My forsythia is having to come back from the roots so I won't get to see those blossoms for at least another year. I got a couple of rosebushes for Mother's Day so Alan got those planted. I'm excited to see how the one turns out because it looks like they'll be a reddish brown and, of course, the other is my favorite - yellow. I walked into Walmart the other day {for something totally unrelated} and was totally captivated by a bush they had for sell. I heard it call my name and when I tried to ignore it, all the bushes on the table shouted in unison and I was forced to buy one. The blossoms look kind of like those on a snowball bush but they're a reddish-coral color.

My sis and her husband bought Mom's house before she died and have now moved back to Utah to live in it. We went to see them and try and help them fix up some stuff and were able to get some lilac and snowball bush starts from Mom's yard. Hopefully they'll be able to deal with the stress of the move {the bush starts as well as Betty & Glenn} and take root and thrive here.

I'm going to experiment and see if some of the branches we had to cut off will root on their own. The branches of Mom's snowball bush {actually it was a tree} had pretty much done that. The branches had grown out and gotten so heavy that they'd drooped over and wherever they touched the ground, they rooted. {a whole new meaning to 'bloom where you're planted', huh? More like 'bloom where you drop' or 'bloom where you're stuck'. Okay, that was a little negative. Oops.} So actually the inside of the snowball tree was cave-like. It was the perfect hideout. Maybe we'll have to let one of these grow like that! I can feel LOML groaning with the thought!

The bird feeders are up. I'm thinking maybe if I feed the birds, they'll eat mosquitoes for me this summer. Scott made me some shepherd's crook hook things for my hummingbird feeders so I'll get those up soon, too.

The next post may not be so upbeat as we've come to a mutual decision that Ima Tree will be put out of her misery. She's fought a good fight but it's time to let her go to the big Pine Forest in the Sky. More on that later.

So, hopefully, out little efforts will coax spring into really happening. I don't want summer, but some spring would be nice!

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  1. I saw your wal-mart plant in the flower bed & loved the color too! Scott, of course, not so much...