Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm a survivor.

Before it all started, the nurse explained that I shouldn't drive or participate in any activities that required coordination for at least 12 hours after leaving the hospital because my judgment would be impaired. I quickly informed her my judgment had been impaired for so long that I'd learned to function within its parameters. And, as for coordination, well . . . enough said.

My nerves quickly got the best of me at the outset and I just laid there and bawled. I decided not to voice my request to be left alone if I lost consciousness. By the time I went in, I was hoping I would. But I haven't sneezed or seen any dead people yet so I'm assuming all went well.

The doctor wouldn't duct tape my mouth shut, either, but he promised they would all put duct tape on their ears.

I didn't come home empty-handed {just empty boweled}, however. I got to bring home a new fancy, dancy pair of slipper socks and three (3) headaches. One headache for lack of sleep {I got one hour last night}, another for stress and anxiety, and the third from lack of caffeine all day today. One headache per vice or weakness or whatever, I guess.

And the LOML bought me lunch and hasn't laughed at me yet so I can't really complain!

Oh, yeah, and something totally ironic????? I've never met this particular doctor before and I'll be hog-swallowed if he didn't remind me so totally of the other dentist on "Ghost Town" - the nice one from India. I just kept staring at him, thinking . . . well, you can imagine what I was thinking!


  1. I am so very very very glad you are a survivor. Sorry it was a rough go.

  2. Thank you Britney! Sharon! I can't believe you'd use the 'f' word! I'm in total shock and disbelief! But, to answer your question, that was not a problem for me. Thank goodness!