Monday, June 20, 2011

Definitely Don't Have a Jeweler's Eye

Today I judged. Today I judged quite harshly.

I never leave the house in the morning without first praying for Heavenly Father's Spirit to bless me with discernment and compassion as people come into my life during the day. But, alas, I am way too human.

I find it hard to remember that, just as precious gems are multi-faceted, so are human beings. And the only facets my dimensionally limited eyes are capable of seeing are the ones that are so blatantly displayed.

I have to stay away from wondering how Agency works and why it seems the children suffer the consequences of the choices made by the adults in their lives.

When Christ was on the earth, He beckoned the little children to come to Him. He did not then, nor has He now, forgotten them. He gathered them around Him and He touched them and blessed them and wiped their tear-streaked faces and I must believe He is still doing it today - constantly - through His Spirit; stroking, protecting, blessing. And I'm certain He does His share of weeping, too.

So grateful to know there is a loving Heavenly Father who personally knows the gems and sees all the facets and loves and forgives in spite of, and because of, the earth-imposed flaws.

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