Sunday, June 5, 2011

Movie Night . . . I Mean Life

As always I'm in search of answers. The questions don't seem to change, though. Am I dense or what? {OK, that's a rhetorical question and I don't really want an answer}. When I think of getting an 'answer', I guess I think of receiving something similar to what I'd write for problem 27 on page 126 of my math book. An answer that actually solved something.

Although the questions don't seem to change, sometimes they do get rephrased, which, of course sends me into a spiral because now I need another answer. Woe is me. Anyway, a good friend asked a question. I haven't decided if the question has started another Quest for Answers or if I'm just trying to analyze all the answers that have already been sent my way.

The question?

If your life was a movie, would you watch it?

I don't know. I know for sure I'd be screaming at me the whole time, trying to get me to do things differently. {I wonder if that's what the Holy Ghost has been doing all along?} The Academy would have a very difficult time assigning a genre to my movie, that's for sure! And I'm not sure when I was handed the script but I'm constantly amazed that I accepted it. I mean, really? There's no specific role assigned to me. Maybe at the time that sounded exciting and challenging. Maybe I thought I would be so well- rounded if I could pull off a movie playing so many different roles. Well, I'm well-rounded {physically, of course} but I'm not sure it's benefited me any other way! There aren't even make-up or wardrobe changes in between a lot of the role changes. How low budget is that?

Michael McLean performs a song entitled, "What Part is Mine". The lyrics describe a woman in different stages of her life praying to know what 'part' is hers. The analogy centers around singing in a chorus and how, once you know which part is yours, it's easier to sing the song. I've loved that song since the first time I heard it umpteen years ago and find myself often praying the same thing, "Heavenly Father, which part is mine? What's my role?" Wife, Daughter, Mother, Joker, Mother-in-Law, Grandma, Working Woman, Sister, Friend, Housekeeper, Enemy, Wise One, Mime, Dumb One, Crazy Person, Prisoner, Judge, Pacer, etc., etc., etc.?

I want a math 'answer' and there's no such answer in this script I have.

Oh, sure, there have been scenes where supporting thespians have helped me find my role {or point blank told me what my role was}. Very vivid, visual scenes with award-winning acting. But while I was considering this question and once again reviewing my script, an epiphelation fell and hit me on the head {obvious set malfunction} about as hard as any epiphelation has ever hit me on the head before.

The epiphelation?

I have no one role. Never have had. Never will have. Accept it!

So, there I have it. There is no math answer for my quandary as to my role or my part or my place. The plot of this whole movie of mine is built around the idea that I have to be able to perform in whatever role the script throws at me; whenever it throws it at me. Not a math answer but I think it's the best one I'm going to get.

Thank goodness I've got a great cast who can pick up when I forget my lines or can't say them at all! What an awesome editing team there will have to be in order to bleep out a few {very few, I'm sure} words or lines here and there. And it's a good thing I have a more eternal form of a 'stunt double' to help me through {if not fill in for me} during the dangerous, scary scenes when I don't feel adequate!

Like my original answer to this question when it was first presented, I still think I'd still prefer to have my movie be an animated one - like Toy Story. It's so much easier to cheer on a set of toys trying to courageously make their way across the highway to get to the Toy Barn than it is some lifelike person who is too easy to relate to {studies have shown that to be a truth, by the way}. And I would want it to be a Comedy, too. Once you let yourself laugh, the sensitive scenes are more intense and then it's easier to laugh again while you're wiping away the tears and relaxing.

After all this analyzing and answer questing, I still haven't decided if I'd watch my movie or not, though. Maybe if Max goes with me and there's enough popcorn.

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