Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Creek Ran Through It . . .

. . . And they ran through the creek! What fun to play in freezing cold water! It was a small creek and not running as fast as it was when LOML and I came for a ride up here in June. I was looking at some old pictures, though from 2007 and 2008 when we've camped here and I think it's at least twice as high as it was either of those times. But it was handleable and the kids had fun. It even got hot enough the one day that I got brave and stuck my feet in for a few minutes.

Garrett wasn't sure about it. He kept wondering if it would be warmer another day but he was content to do what he felt safe doing. Colton was kind of a daredevil. He at least wants to try things once and then decide if it's something he wants to do again or not. Nellie was in the middle of it all with them while Adam kept his distance.

Looking for the best spot to get in and start walking

Yup, it's cold.

Colton joins Garrett at his comfortable spot.

Garrett didn't like the water so much when it

kept creeping up higher and higher so Nellie

had to carry him back to the low water.


Might as well make a slip into a full-fledged swimming

experience. After all, we did add a clothes line to our campsite.

Colton dipping his head in the water.

Colton has got to be numb by now.

Garrett wanted to dip his head in all by himself but I was

afraid he was going to tip all the way over.

This morning we went on a hike to some waterfalls {which I later learned from LOML is where the old generator used to be which is why this place is called Power House}. Colton wanted to catch a butterfly so bad and the higher we got, the more plentiful the big monarch-type butterflies were. While we were wandering around the falls area, we saw this butterfly on the ground. We prodded it and tried to spook it into flying away but it wouldn't move so we figured it must be injured. Nellie took Colton's hat and helped him gode the butterfly into it. Colton asked about closing the hat up somehow so the butterfly wouldn't get away. Both Nellie and I, almost in unison, said, "Oh, there's nothing to worry about. That butterfly had plenty of chances to fly away and didn't so you don't need to worry . . . . about . . . him flying . . . away". And the butterfly took flight and was gone. Still trying to figure out why he let Colton catch him in the first place. Maybe he needed an adventure to go home and tell his friends about! How he narrowly escaped being captured by the humans!

Amber brought the kids up for lunch and to play for a bit.

They boys had fun running from one tree to another and

up another one and down another. They could have gone

on for hours and hours

Aspen would have appreciated all the adults

more if we'd have left her alone to her

own type of exploring but it just wasn't

going to happen the way she wanted.

And then Amber and her kids left. Then we fixed supper. And then we ate supper. And then Adam and Nellie and the boys left. And then it was just me. And it was really quiet. I like it to be just me now and again but there's an adjustment period when there have been other people and then they leave and I'm alone.

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