Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Mom

Dear Mom:

2003 - Right before I traded it in on a new piano

Thanks for making me practice the piano for an hour every day. Did you know every once in awhile {okay, quite a bit of the time} I would turn the timer ahead? Yeah, you probably did. Not many mothers wouldn't notice a 20-minute hour! Probably had I practiced the full hour I would have made it as the pianist on the Carol Burnett Show or the Lawrence Welk Show, which is what I so desperately thought I wanted {and actually believed} I would be someday.

That's okay, though, because being the Primary pianist has been much more rewarding, I'm sure!

Today we talked about how Temples remind us of who we are. I realized that this piano may be a visual representation of a small part of who I am in this life {thanks to hours of practice} but the Temple is a visual representation of my whole eternal self {dependant on a lifetime of practicing}.

Thanks again,


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  1. Playing the piano in Primary was my therapy for a very hard time in my life. I enjoy my talent and will be playing the piano and organ until the day I die. It's a never-ending talent. Love you, Janis.