Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life's Lessons Locations - 2nd in a multi-part series

I guess there should actually be a #11 to the Life Lessons from Camping - No matter how frugal you pack, there will always be too much food {and not enough Pepsi Max}. And because of Lesson #11, you will need to hike to work off some of what you eat.

If the GPS on my phone can't find me,

should I be concerned?

Because I'm so directionally challenged, I stay pretty close to camp when I'm by myself but I enjoy walking around and marvelling at this beautiful world. I've always found it exciting to imagine what it was like when the pioneers came through the particular area I'm in. Did they marvel, too, or did they moan over one more stream to cross or one more mountain range? I probably would have moaned then but today I can't stop marvelling.

Hiking is most always a part of our camping trips. It's fun to see what's around you and find wild currants or awesome rocks or cool bugs or try and see the tops of the pine trees without tipping over backwards. I've been on a lot of hikes and more than my share of death marches but I wouldn't have traded any of them away. This last camping trip to Power House was no exception.

Adam and Nellie took me and the boys on a hike to some small waterfalls. Then they left and LOML came up the next day. After we ate, I asked him if he wanted to hike up and see the waterfalls. He was agreeable. That should have been my first clue - he was letting me think I was in control. Anyhow, it ended up being a lot longer hike than I planned on but it was so well worth it! Not only did we see some beauty all around but there was also the peace that comes with the knowledge we have of who created all of this beauty. Perfect way to end a Sunday!

However, I think the whole trust thing between me and LOML is in sore need of re-evalutaion! I did survive, though, so I guess I should let it go at that. Side Note: You know how some people are just so muscially gifted that whenever you're around them, you feel like you're in a musical? Well, I'm becoming the type of person that whenever you're around me, you feel like you're in a documentary. So, consider yourselves warned!

Well, thanks to Lewis {aka Me} and Clark {aka LOML} here are the top ten fourteen lessons I've learned from hiking:

1.  When hiking, it is important to understand {and heed} the warnings you may hear. Listen carefully for intonations as well as verbal and non-verbal clues. For instance, should you hear a harsh, “Put away the blankity-blank camera before you fall!”, it is best to do so. Immediately. Should you hear a gentle, “Give me your camera”, it means your dexterity is about to be tested and it needs to be documented. Comply at your own discretion. If LOML just whips out his phone and starts taking pictures, it means there's not enough time to ask for the camera because something noteworthy/embarrassing/painful is imminent.

 2.  No hike worth going on is downhill both ways. hike is downhill both ways.

3.  If the grass is not trampled and there is no visible trail,

it is okay to forge your own trail. Keep in mind,

if you forge a new trail, someone is sure to follow,

assuming you knew what you were doing

and where you were going.

4.  When you are given a set of walking sticks for Christmas,

you should take them when you go hiking. Every

time you go hiking. Even if {especially if} said hike

is prefaced with, "It's only 1/4 of a mile up the road."

5.  Just because the grass is trampled, doesn't mean it's a trail. Just because it's a trail, doesn't mean it goes somewhere. Just because it’s a trail and goes somewhere, doesn’t mean you need to go there, too. You don’t have to take every path leading off of the main trail.

6.  Being able to go from, "Wow, cool, you found a way up there?" to "Oh, my, what have I done and how do I get down?" in a matter of mere minutes proves you're on a trail worth being on!

7.  Be prepared to learn things about your hike coordinator as

well as yourself. I learned that I am actually married to the missing

link - he is more monkey than I thought!

8.  Obstacles are everywhere. Nature doesn't let them stop

its course.

 Like I said, obstacles are everywhere . . . but must I really go through the tree????

9.  Have faith. There's always someone who has

been down the path before you and is willing

to give you a hand. Double check to make sure

their feet are firmly planted!

Above the waterfall.

Below the waterfall.

10.  There is always more than one perspective to every view. Be willing to embark on the adventure to see the difference!

11.  It is best to be specific when saying, “Look!” while pointing

in a particular direction. It is guaranteed that even if everyone

looks in the direction you're pointing, something

different will be seen by each set of eyes.

12.  There are lots of balance beams {aka bridges}

in place to cross the crevices and get where you

want to go. Some natural, some manmade. It was

always said "straight and narrow" but no one ever

told me it might be wibbly-wobbly, too.

13.  Never lose your sense of wonder and amazement at what

you may see and never forget who created it all.

14.  Uphill or downhill, generally speaking {unless you’re hiking in circles} you need to remember you still need to turn around and hike home. Rich rewards await you there!

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  1. I think I need to go camping with you...I never learn cool lessons like that!!