Monday, July 25, 2011

Life's Lessons Locations - 3rd in a multi-part series

Our first tent in 1978. We took Nathan

and went to Yellowstone Park and

Jackson Hole. And, yes, the

mosquitoes were so big I was sure

they were going to carry Nathan off!

I don't know why I've come to like camping so much. The only thing outdoorsy we did when I was growing up was mow the lawn. I had a traumatizing first and only year at girls' camp {that is definitely a story for another day!}. The few times we went to canyons when the kids were little, I worried and fussed over them trying to protect them from everything from getting dirty to falling in the water to getting bitten by something that could possibly carry them away. And then there's always the bathroom issue. One area where boys definitely have the advantage.

Gradually we did it more and more - a little longer each time.

It became an escape from the drama that sometimes developed in the neighborhood and a definite relief from the heat. Oak City Canyon is where my love of camping evolved. Amazing, too, considering the size of the Mormon crickets that habitat that place.

Then we got a camper. That's when I think my real addiction began. Then we sold it and upsized to a trailer. I was now totally hooked because we had a toilet and a fridge. We sold that trailer before moving to Tremonton. It took us a few years before we invested in camping again, starting with a camper and then progressing to a trailer and then to our current trailer.

Clear Creek, somewhere, some direction from Snowville {some distance} is a favorite now as well as Power House {closer}, which is where we camped this weekend. I found myself thinking of my camping evolution this last weekend while camping up Power House and so . . .

Here are the top 10 Life Lessons I've learned while learning to love camping:

1.  There is no such thing as an ugly camping spot. Each place has something to offer if you take the time to find it.

2. Limbs and needles from pine trees allow the heat of the moment to totally consume them; leaving nothing to provide any long lasting warmth. It's best to include more stable wood in your woodpile if you want a sustaining fire to take care of you.

3.  For every two beautiful butterflies that elude you, there will be at least one ugly mutated bug penetrate your personal space {i.e. mouth, nose, ear} without any invitation from you.

4.  Be careful what garbage you burn in the campfire. It may be what you roast your marshmallows over.

5.  Not only is it an unwritten rule that you should leave your space better than you found it – no matter how long or short your stay - you should also always be innovative and add something new to your camp facilities each time. This time we chose to add a clothes line to our already redneck site.

6.  Nature exhibits the epitome of adaptation. Just because a tree doesn't have the room to grow straight and tall, doesn't stop it from growing however it can and it certainly doesn't mean it isn't every bit as beautiful!

7.  Sometimes the trees give all they have. Sometimes they creatively find alternate ways to continue giving.

8.  Plan on getting rained on. After all, how else will you see the many beautiful and necessary facets of nature?

9. You can never be too prepared! It's always good to have a tool to match whatever job you may be put in charge of!

10.  Setting up camp is fun and exciting. Because of all the memories, packing it all up to head back home is emotional and tedious but inevitable.

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  1. How funny that Dad is using a chainsaw on a tiny limb, while Adam is using a hatchet on a big branch! Totally out of proportion! :)