Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Turn

Sitting in church and somehow it turned into a game. Coloring squares on sheets of graph paper. Layne and Brian both had a sheet they were trying to make designs on. Layne handed me yellow and Brian handed me blue.

"Your turn, Grandma," says Layne.

"Your turn, Grandma," says Brian.

Giggle, giggle. {They think I can't keep up with the two of them}

Squares fill with colors -

My heart fills with gratitude as I realize, yes, it is my turn! My turn to get smothered with hugs and kisses and be constantly in demand. My turn to wake up to three little bodies standing by the side of my bed. My turn to have my heart running around in twelve different directions outside my arm's reach. My turn to be called "Grandma" and have it mean something. My turn to be allowed to put yellow and blue in little squares surrounded by orange and red.

My turn to create a design on their papers while they create a design in my heart.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Special Day for a Special Kid

From Joe's preschool era.

It's been a long time since we've been able to celebrate Joe's birthday with him. He was born on deer hunt weekend and that pretty well seemed to set his destiny. I dare say he's been deer hunting every birthday since he got married and that's what made being able to celebrate his birthday this weekend even more special! When you combine 'special' with 'creative', you will come up with Joseph!

Normally a child will be 'inside' the crib while drinking their bottle

and taking a nap, but not my Joe. At the very least, he thought ahead

and saved some of his milk for when he was thirsty later.

He started shaving at a young age which could explain why he can't

grow much facial hair now...or eyebrows...or eyelashes...Too bad

we don't have pictures of the finger in the cigarette lighter or the

chin in the blow dryer. They would explain a lot, I guess.

Joseph probably owes the fact he's still alive to his tremendous

dexterity and his ability to hang on when life gets turned all upside

down...and the fact he screams like a girl when he's in trouble.

But, he is a charmer!

And it's that charm and 'specialness' that has helped him to always

have friends around him.

Mandy made Joe a cake and I made some homemade ice cream and we made the guys take a break from their project at the basement door so we could have a party. Amber and the kids came, too, so there was a bunch of frog's tongues going around. I seem to recall Amber getting ambushed at one point and she had to fight her way back to where she'd left her contraption to be able to defend herself.

Joe took a little too quickly to the noise makers

{frog's tongues per the kids comparison}.

Even though he's 32, he was still able to blow out the candles all

by himself. However, Mandy didn't put the full amount on the cake.

If she had, Joe might not have been able to celebrate so exuberantly.

One of Joe's presents. Even though he hadn't tried it on, it was

a surefire fit!!

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us! 

Sure do love you, Joseph Owen!

Hope you had a happy day!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Line Up for Success!

Ready to do some heavy duty cleaning!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I am a Child of God.

I know Heavenly Father loves me and

I love Him.

I can pray to Heavenly Father

Anytime, anywhere.

I am trying to remember and

Follow Jesus Christ.

Not sure what I need to say here. I just know that in trying to find the words, my cheeks are getting wet. Maybe I just need to make sure everyone {family or friends} who takes the time to read my blog - sifting through the ridiculous and the off-the-wall or the over-the-top and the cutesy birthday remembrances - knows {beyond a shadow of a doubt} that I love you. I may not love you the way you think I should but I love you the best I can.

I pray that none of you ever reach a point where you are so hopeless that you feel no one can touch you; that no one can hang onto you; that no one can tightly hold you; that no one can cry with you or simply listen to you as you struggle to find the words that will help heal you. If physically possible, I'll be there when you throw your arm out in desperation, grasping for something to grip. I hope none of you ever lose the feeling of His arms around you; His tears chasing yours away; His light giving you life.

I am grateful for how each of you have made me who I am today. I'm a different person than I ever expected to be but I love who I am {even with all my flaws and weaknesses and parts I don't love so much yet}.

Thanks for sifting through yet another one.

P.S. Yeah, another client chose to leave this world. Hopeless. Alone. In darkness.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Communications Skills 101

Might actually get a passing grade - after 35 years! And a basement entryway, to boot!!!

Not sure exactly whether it was a certain word or phrase or the intonation used . . . or if it was son #2 using the word 'redneck' in his description. Whatever it was, LOML and I made a trip to your friendly {ha, ha} hardware and lumber store to see if we can get a passing grade on our first assignment in Communications Skills 101. Partners were pre-assigned so LOML was stuck with me.

Of course, we couldn't go anywhere until LOML had

finished his schematic drawing to refer to as the blueprints.

Finally, clipboard in tow, we were off!

Our first loaded selection. LOML looks sincerely happy,

don't you think? What man wouldn't be - he's in a manly

store! Did you know, you can't successfully steer one of

these carts with your non-dominate side? Well, I can't

anyway! I took out a few corners and one fellow shopper

and had one lady offer her teenage son for help.

Could he seriously be praying already? We've only

begun! Honestly he's studying his clipboard.

Once I realized this was not going to be an 'in-and-out' excursion,

I came to the rescue like those faithful St. Bernard dogs with the barrel

strapped around their neck. You can see we've added a bit more to our

cart as well as actually adding a whole other cart. How fair is that?

Now we both have a cart to push/pull!

Ah, yes, it's exhausting sitting on the cart watching

LOML make decisions. Actually we waited for

over 20 minutes for someone to come and help us

at one point. How many employees does it take to decide

they need to get a ladder? Not a happy shopper!

This is what I felt like when we were finally finished!

Now I know how LOML feels when I make him go

in a fabric store with me!

Look at those muscles bulge and burn! What a man!

LOML is pacifying me. I have a hard time believing

that objects with no barrier, no matter how heavy they are,

will not slide out and cause an ugly accident on the way home.

Loaded up and ready to go . . . find supper, that is.

All this lifting and deciding and waiting and pulling

slivers out of your fingers is hard work!

      • Studs {besides LOML} ...................................... check

      • Screws ............................................................... check

      • Flashing ............................................................. check

      • Storm Door ........................................................ check

      • Wafer Board ...................................................... check

      • Exterior Wood ................................................... check

      • Paint ................................................................... check

      • Metal Hardware Stuff ........................................ check

      • Cute little Thanksgiving Cookbook thing ......... check

      • Clipboard with blueprints and notes .................. check

So, I guess all I can say is stay tuned to see if we actually pass our final exam in this Communication Skills 101 class and we not only end up with a finished product that we both expected but we're still on speaking terms!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Specifically Speaking

I don't need to waste my time learning a foreign language. I just need to learn to use the one I have been speaking all my life in a more efficient, productive and understandable way.

Old Case in Point: When the kids were little {but old enough to do chores}, I asked them to load the dishwasher, leaving all the big stuff for me and I'd wash it the old fashioned way. Well, when I got home, I realized they had obviously determined "big stuff" meant pretty much anything larger than the silverware. I should have said "pots and pans".

New Case in Point: I've dropped hints around of several things I'd like to fix/update/repair/replace/do-over in the house. One of which has been that I would like the basement entry way covered.

Evidently what I should have been saying was, "I would like a roof over the basement door. A roof which has adequate slope to it so the water will run off to either side and not puddle at the base of the door. A roof which is held up by a wall-like structure. The entire finished structure should be inviting and still allow access to the basement through said door without having to drop down on your belly and do the sniper crawl."

Always learning.