Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Special Day for a Special Kid

From Joe's preschool era.

It's been a long time since we've been able to celebrate Joe's birthday with him. He was born on deer hunt weekend and that pretty well seemed to set his destiny. I dare say he's been deer hunting every birthday since he got married and that's what made being able to celebrate his birthday this weekend even more special! When you combine 'special' with 'creative', you will come up with Joseph!

Normally a child will be 'inside' the crib while drinking their bottle

and taking a nap, but not my Joe. At the very least, he thought ahead

and saved some of his milk for when he was thirsty later.

He started shaving at a young age which could explain why he can't

grow much facial hair now...or eyebrows...or eyelashes...Too bad

we don't have pictures of the finger in the cigarette lighter or the

chin in the blow dryer. They would explain a lot, I guess.

Joseph probably owes the fact he's still alive to his tremendous

dexterity and his ability to hang on when life gets turned all upside

down...and the fact he screams like a girl when he's in trouble.

But, he is a charmer!

And it's that charm and 'specialness' that has helped him to always

have friends around him.

Mandy made Joe a cake and I made some homemade ice cream and we made the guys take a break from their project at the basement door so we could have a party. Amber and the kids came, too, so there was a bunch of frog's tongues going around. I seem to recall Amber getting ambushed at one point and she had to fight her way back to where she'd left her contraption to be able to defend herself.

Joe took a little too quickly to the noise makers

{frog's tongues per the kids comparison}.

Even though he's 32, he was still able to blow out the candles all

by himself. However, Mandy didn't put the full amount on the cake.

If she had, Joe might not have been able to celebrate so exuberantly.

One of Joe's presents. Even though he hadn't tried it on, it was

a surefire fit!!

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us! 

Sure do love you, Joseph Owen!

Hope you had a happy day!!

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