Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I am a Child of God.

I know Heavenly Father loves me and

I love Him.

I can pray to Heavenly Father

Anytime, anywhere.

I am trying to remember and

Follow Jesus Christ.

Not sure what I need to say here. I just know that in trying to find the words, my cheeks are getting wet. Maybe I just need to make sure everyone {family or friends} who takes the time to read my blog - sifting through the ridiculous and the off-the-wall or the over-the-top and the cutesy birthday remembrances - knows {beyond a shadow of a doubt} that I love you. I may not love you the way you think I should but I love you the best I can.

I pray that none of you ever reach a point where you are so hopeless that you feel no one can touch you; that no one can hang onto you; that no one can tightly hold you; that no one can cry with you or simply listen to you as you struggle to find the words that will help heal you. If physically possible, I'll be there when you throw your arm out in desperation, grasping for something to grip. I hope none of you ever lose the feeling of His arms around you; His tears chasing yours away; His light giving you life.

I am grateful for how each of you have made me who I am today. I'm a different person than I ever expected to be but I love who I am {even with all my flaws and weaknesses and parts I don't love so much yet}.

Thanks for sifting through yet another one.

P.S. Yeah, another client chose to leave this world. Hopeless. Alone. In darkness.


  1. I love your thoughts. Life can be a real challenge for those without the gospel, and sometimes for those with the gospel. I pray for you every night. Your sister loves you.