Friday, November 4, 2011

Date Night Old People Style

It all started because LOML had the day off {which is what he calls the days he doesn't have to go to work}. On his days on {which is what he calls the days he does go to work}, customers tend to share lots of information with him, although perhaps not as much as he shares with them. The particular customer in question here happened to mention he had apples for the picking, so . . .

. . . LOML was hit with an amazing idea!

He decided to pick a peck {or two or three} of precious pickable apples.

 After the dastardly deed was done, he turned on the charm and, putting his best foot forward {as only LOML can do}, and in his most unquestionably enticing manner, he preyed on my weaknesses in an effort to convince me to join him in his undertaking.

I, of course, was overtaken with indescribable shock, surprise and emotion and succumbed to enticements and blindly {as in 'with my eyes shut'} accepted his invitation.


And that's how our date night began! Still reeling in how well we multi-tasked the evening away to Jim Croce singing, "If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd want to do . . . " {Seriously, we were serenaded by my selections on Pandora and Jim Croce actually sang that song for us!}

Drying some of the apples was one of the activities.

Applesauce was another part our date.


We wrapped up our evening with dessert,

apple pie filling to be exact.

Tell me again why I never get

as much as the recipe says

I should?

The lesson I learned: When hot syrup is dipped out of a hot pan and poured into a jar, it is still hot. When that same hot syrup overflows over the top of a jar onto your thumb, {see picture above} it is still hot. And sticky. And did I mention it's hot??? Well, thank goodness Krisy had given me these awesome, soothing rice packs and I had them in the freezer! They are amazing!

The lesson LOML learned {Hopefully}: There is more to picking a peck {or two or three} of precious pickable apples than merely picking them! Alas, I'm afraid he had too much fun, though!

So another hot date at the Christensen house comes to an end. Hard to believe it will be 35 years in less than a month based on these romantic getaways, huh?

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  1. I amazed at what you accomplished in one night! It has been awhile since I have checked blogs! I have thought about you quite bit lately. I have missed you!