Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day of Thanks Giving

There wasn't a part of this Thanksgiving Day that I wasn't grateful for! Not the aliens and their spaceships or all the activity in the kitchen during the last frantic moments of dinner preparation or the company or the sunshine or the house or the memories and especially not the good food {specifically the desserts!!}.


Joseph prides himself on his innate ability to assist! But Mandy and

I successfully created turkey vultures for everyone. Some of them

had a little more personality than others!

Turkeys or vultures??


Mandy hopes to graduate the to big kid table but...well...

You have to have a plate to put the food on so while everyone was waiting for the food to finish cooking, they got to put the finishing {and colorful} touches on their plates. Definitely works of art, don't you agree?


Some of us were busy mashing potatoes and thickening gravy

and had to eat on blah plates

Scott and Joe had to satisfy some hungry little girls by

giving them a head start on lunch.

The roast and the turkey were done on time {always frightening for me since the year I cooked the turkey the allotted 20 minutes/pound but went off the cost instead of the weight}. Betty's sweet potato casserole was delicious. Mandy's rolls were to die for {inspite of all her stress and worry}. The potatoes were mashed and the gravy was thickened. Yummy broccoli salad {thanks to {Nellie} and vegetable trays {thanks to Amber and Betty} and a fruit salad {thank you, Me}. A spread definitely fit for royalty! Recipes are coming {ahem, Betty and Mandy}.

I think we're ready to eat! Looks like LOML is

circling making sure he is first in line!

Scott and Adam's choice of the turkey. Sorry it wasn't smoked,


Garrett, Jodi and Colton enjoying their feast.

Hunter, Brian, Carter and Mariah happy to finally be eating!

Reagan definitely in food heaven.

The one time our family is quiet is when we're


Looks like Joe caught Betty stealing food from his plate. She

looks innocent enough, right???

Somewhere between finishing dinner and starting in on the table decorations, aliens and their spaceships were spotted. I guess everyone should be allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, Hunter and Brian were sure the aliens were invading us.

The aliens' "Light" spaceship was flitting all over the outer borders

of the room. I guess trying to locate a safe landing spot. Evidently

the mission was aborted before they could land or disembark. Either

that or Uncle Allen quit moving his watch hand around.

Some of the guys got involved in a game of Blockus to combat

the effects of the serotonin. Joe didn't eat turkey, though, so I

think he just needed to be busy to avoid kitchen duty.

Scott just gave into the serotonin. Probably the

smartest one of all.



Aspen is learning quickly about the importance of staking your

claim on the ads you want to keep for yourself.


It was such a nice day outside, some of the kids helped Grampa

pick his carrots. There was some serious chewing going on for

awhile before we broke out the dessert.

I was either too stuffed or too involved in the ads to snap pictures of the desserts but they were eaten up just like the meal!

Nathan and Krisy and family were missed, of course, but we saved them some table decorations!

What a great day we had! So many things to be grateful for. I need to learn to be aware of all the tender mercies that Heavenly Father so generously blesses me with. This Thanksgiving Day was certainly full of them!

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