Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Slush

Traditions - the making of them and the keeping of them - elude me. Unless, of course, you can count being grounded to your room until your chores are done or yelling all the time or making you do your homework right after school or mowing lawns every night or taking you home from church and putting everyone to bed or popping a Neil Diamond cassette tape in and cranking the volume way up when you started fighting in the car traditions. For the most part, I don't realize I've got a tradition going until I forget and don't do it one time. Which is what happened with the Christmas Slush.

Not sure what possessed me to start making it {or exactly when} but I know the kids were little. It was an instant hit and from then on, there was always an ice cream bucket full of slush in the freezer and a supply of Sprite in the fridge at Christmastime.

For whatever reason, one Christmas season it didn't seem necessary to make it and everyone who came to the house had come expecting it. I sorely disappointed them when I shrugged my shoulders and tried to explain my reasoning for not having slush in the freezer. And, as usual, I had no rational reasoning. I just hadn't made it. Lesson learned. I haven't missed a year since then.

The brew. Looking like it should.

Hunter got a last minute sleepover and ended up getting to be Grampa's official Christmas Slush-Making Assistant. I think he's hired - gonna be a tradition now!

Before they could start the slush, they had to wash

the dinner dishes.

Hunter getting instructions from Grampa that the

green design around the outside edges would not

wash off no matter how hard or long he scrubbed.

The Sacred Book of Secret Family Concoctions is brought out and

opened to the right page.

Getting all the supplies and ingredients ready to go.

Hunter couldn't get the strip started on the orange

juice can. When Grampa offered to help, he was told,

"No, that's okay. My teeth can do it." And they did.

Scooping the orange juice into the pan while Grampa tries to instruct

Hunter on how to do it so it doesn't flip all over - specifically on Grampa.

Another series of instructions on how to keep the ingredients

contained to the pan and not all over the floor - or Grampa.

Measuring the water.

Adding the sugar, counting each one while listening

to Grampa complain about how heavy the pan is

getting. Probably because "someone" had repeatedly

told Hunter to pour it slowly so it didn't splash. Hmmm.

Wow! That's an "I'm so happy to be helping" look

if I ever saw one!

Hunter's trying to explain to Grampa his way of

mixing the ingredients together and convince him

he knows best.

Probably wouldn't qualify for an OSHA training video, but Hunter

is trying to get high enough to be able to stir all the ingredients

together while they cook.

Checking to make sure it's all in there.

He looks a bit awkward, but, all in all, I think he did pretty good for

having confusing and conflicting instructions and warnings shouted

at him. "Don't get too close to the stove - it's hot!" "Get close enough

to the pan so you don't splash!" "Make sure you're not on the edge

of the bucket - it will tip!" "Don't touch the pan - you'll get burned!"

Grampa filling in. Hunter's arm got tired from

stirring so much. Given the angle he was at, I

don't doubt it!

Enjoying the aroma of the slush before it goes to the freezer.

Hunter said it passed inspection.

 Can't wait to enjoy our Christmas Slush!

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  1. Sounds delicious. Can I have some? Merry Christmas. Lots of Love.