Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Probably not the first time I've used that as my title. Definitely won't be the last time. It's pretty much my mantra.

I am Woman today because I actually found Joe, Mandy and Reagan in Salt Lake! Directions were flying at me right and left and north and south and I still did it!! Something about staying on 4th South until I reach 8th South and then going West until I hit East and pass by {emphasis on the PASS BY} a Northern Exposure Nightclub. I only panicked once and that was when I PASSED BY a Southern Exposure Nightclub. Wasn't sure if I was heading the wrong direction or if the Giver of Directions had misspoke. Actually my biggest concern wasn't necessarily my directional disability but more that I would be on the nightly news as the latest victim in a TRAX collision.

As it turned out, finding Joe & Mandy in Salt Lake wasn't my only victory, though. Without any GPS whatsoever, I actually walked right up to them in Sears. Duh. The tool department. They treated me to supper and we had a fun, if not way too short, visit. Then I went North and they went South. After, of course, going East to a West road and turning right onto another road that turned into a Beck that would magically dump me onto the freeway. Somehow I lost Centerville on the way home but, oh well, I found Riverdale's Target.

It was a spontaneously fun afternoon.

However, something else that stood out to me was how quickly Rememberings came back. A lot has changed and rearranged and closed up and moved but the basics were still there. In my mind anyway. We spent a lot of time in Salt Lake when Nathan was growing up. Every three months, every six months, once a week when they were making/fitting his legs. Some of the main Rememberings that refreshed my mind were:

  • The row of trees by Sears where a man was sleeping on the ground and Joe was sure he had fallen out of the tree. I'm thinking he couldn't have climbed the tree, even if he'd wanted to.

  • The KFC where we ate lunch a lot when it was just me and Nathan and I dumped Nathan out of his wheelchair onto the sidewalk - more than once, I'm afraid.

  • Lunches spent at Sizzler where everyone could get what they wanted and all they wanted of it.

  • Looking at all the mansions up in the Avenues by Shriner's. Unfathomable.

  • Driving up to the shop in the middle of winter with the hood of our Suburban wired down and the fender wired up and Joe's Micro Mini car set scattered in pieces.

  • The sleepovers at Grandma G's the night before.

  • Feliz Navidad. Over and over. And over.

  • Pound puppies at Christmas.

  • All the other children with physical problems that left me grateful for what we dealt with.

  • The traffic and congestion that made me grateful we lived in small-town USA, aka Delta.

Okay, so maybe I did kind of get lost on Memory Lane for a bit.

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  1. Good going in Salt Lake. It's more crowded now than it was when Nathan was little. Glad you made it safe.