Friday, December 23, 2011

Landing Pads and Gluten

Sorry to say, when my kids were little, they pretty much grew up in my sewing room. My sewing cabinet drawers got reorganized more times than I care to remember. They were using scissors and needles long before other people allowed their kids around anything sharp. Joe and Nathan knew how to sew with the best of them. So, when Hunter slept over and I still needed to do some sewing, I set up a table in my sewing room for him to do whatever he wanted to do. He chose to read books. Duh. He's Amber's child.

He had quite a stack of books he sat and looked through. When he'd finish one, he'd throw it over his shoulder to the floor. Every so often he'd look back at the finished pile and say, "Wow, that's quite a mess back there." Anyway, when he was done with all the books he had brought in, he was tired. So tired, he voluntarily told me he was going to get in pajamas so he could go to bed. I was a little shocked {but naively hopeful} and at the same time knew I was being scammed.

He did get in pajamas. He did get a drink. He did go to bed. Second or third time he got out of bed, it was because he needed a book read to him. Since it was Mike Mulligan that he chose, I was easily convinced. My joints not being as young as the rest of me, I threw a pillow down on the floor to sit on. Hunter's comment was, "Oh, is that my landing pad?" Me: "What?" Hunter: "Is that my landing pad? For when my head goes here {showing me how his head could possibly roll over the side rail} and I fall out of bed?" Me: "Yes. This is your landing pad. But Gramma's going to use it for her reading pad right now. Is that okay?" Hunter: No response. So I used it as a reading pad and, fortunately, he didn't end up using it as a landing pad.

Hunter ready for bed {ha, ha} complete with his "landing pad".

Again, sitting in my sewing room.

Aspen also likes books. Her favorite, however, is not Mike Mulligan or even the Berenstain Bears. At least not at my house. Her favorite book? A gluten cookbook. She will find this book every time! And then she just sits and turns the pages. Julia Child, look out!!!

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