Monday, December 12, 2011

On Innkeepers and Second Chances

I recently realized the only thing worse than trying to blow a hole in my belief in Santa Claus is to suggest that possibly the way we hear the story of the Innkeeper's actions on that First Christmas night might not be a totally correct version of what happened. I was totally flabbergasted when my sister suggested {rather harshly} that perhaps the innkeeper didn't actually offer his stable to the weary visitors {Mary & Joseph} he so roughly turned away. Maybe they just stumbled upon it or were led to it or it was just there where they were when their energy gave out.

This is our nativity from 2010. I had Grampa make an Inn door for the

express purpose of having an Innkeeper. As you can see, Carter is not

pleased to be the Innkeeper. He kept asking if he was a bad person.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The Innkeeper is the epitome of 2nd Chances.

 I don't like to think about the Christmas story without the innkeeper having the chance to redeem himself, to make amends, to give of himself, to right a wrong, to ease another's burden. I mean, seriously, that's what Christmas is all about, isn't it?

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