Sunday, December 4, 2011


I've allowed myself to start feeling a little overwhelmed and thinly stretched and grinchy and ... well, basically depressed. I tell myself I didn't choose those feelings, they just dumped on me, but I know better. It starts as a small indentation and then pretty soon Mike Mulligan and his mighty steam shovel {another of my favorite children books} have dug an entire basement around me. I had a couple of clues that I was succumbing. In a recent telephone conversation, Joe told me I didn't sound like my normal self. Then Krisy made a comment about the way I was talking about the eleven pairs of pajamas hovering over me. I must have sounded a bit ... hmmm ... well, let's just say, not very happy.

As usual, the upswing got its start in Primary today when the kids were singing about stars and how each star is different and how we are like stars and each of us is different and how nobody else can be us and there's a reason why we are who we are. Then there was part of the Sacrament song that pushed me a little further.

2. Come, Saints, and drop a tear or two

For him who groaned beneath your load;

He shed a thousand drops for you,

A thousand drops of precious blood.

3. Here’s love and grief beyond degree;

The Lord of glory died for men.

But lo! what sudden joys were heard!

The Lord, though dead, revived again.

Wow! He groaned beneath my load?? I groan a lot but to think I intensified His load?? But then, "though dead, revived again." I know He revives me on a continuous basis but I've never thought of it in the framework of a CPR or Heimlich procedure! I must be a slow responder {or learner}. I'm grateful He is there for me. I'm grateful He doesn't get fed up with my repetitive need for resuscitation. I'm grateful I know He is there for me and that He shares in my groaning.

And then there was the Christmas Devotional and the beautiful video. The angels walked on the earth and weren't flying through the sky! It made me realize more fully that I probably run into more angels on a daily basis than I imagined or can even fathom. 

And then there was the analogy of Jenga. How we try to have the 'perfect' Christmas {or anything else for that matter} and then a vital piece gets pulled out of place and our 'perfection' shatters around us. President Uchtdorf said something to the effect that we cannot offer perfection, but the Savior does not expect it, either. Then he added, “But He does require that we bring as gifts our best efforts to move ourselves, one foot in front of the other, walking in the ways He has prepared and taught.

I can start there ... one foot in front of the other.

President Uchtdorf continued, “He promises to be with us, to come to us when we need comfort, to lift us when we stumble, to carry us if need be, to cry, laugh, mourn, and rejoice with us. Every day He offers to take us by the hand and help transform ordinary life into extraordinary spiritual experiences.”

Wow! I've made His load more grievous and yet He still promises to do all those things for me?? Wait...He has done all those things for me and continues to bless me with them on an ongoing basis.

He heard my groaning and I've been revived.



  1. The Christmas Devotional was wonderful. I enjoyed your comments. Lots of Love.

  2. You are always so insightful! I miss you. I have been feeling the same way for months now. Your post made me really think. I said think, not change... haha... we all know that change takes work! I know that need to change my attitude and eventually I will, it just takes time. Miss you much!

  3. That is one of my favorite Sacrament hymns! There was one time as a teen that this song really hit me and I remember that moment and those feelings every time since. Love you & glad you've been revived!