Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interested or Committed?

I finally reached my breaking point. My anxiety level rose five notches with every instance of the "imminent failure" blackscreen message. Would this be the time? The realization of how addicted I am to my laptop is frightening. So, anyway, I ordered a new hard drive. I stared at it all through the holidays. Or, rather, it stared at me, taunting me. Trying to entice me away from the Christmas projects that were piled up in front of me.

It finally broke me down, though, and I set up the card table. I broke out the hodge podge computer tools I've collected over the years of amateur DIY computer repairs. Cord disconnected. Battery removed. I'm committed. Or maybe I should be. Anyway, I did it.

The old hard drive is out. Its replacement is in. Now the work begins.

I get to sort through all the programs I had installed on the old drive and reinstall them on the new one. Yippee for me. I have to track down registration and activation codes and passwords and hope they'll work one more time. How often did I really use that program? Is it worth putting it back on and using up space and memory? Please don't let me lose all my photos!!

Here I am now. The most used programs are up and running. My photos are safe again. And here I sit staring at my laptop, wishing I could do this with my life. I don't care about a total hard drive replacement but could I at least reformat? Maybe not even all the partitions but the major ones. Maybe I'd choose different programs to install - realizing a lot of what used up my time and attention was really not worth wasting space on anymore. I could be more selective. I've gotten more perspective since the initial installations and understand more what's important and what's not and what could be done different. Hopefully I've upgraded along the way but sometimes I wonder if I've really kept up. I should invent a diagnostic tool to run on myself and determine {objectively, of course} where my weak areas are and if there is any "imminent failure" hovering about. I shudder to think this train of thought might be somewhat parallel to New Year's Resolutions. I do so hate that whole ritual. But maybe if I think of myself as reformatting {sounds more long-lasting, long-term than that 'other' thing}, I might be able to make some progress.

"When we are interested, we will do whatever is convenient. When we are committed, we will do whatever it takes." --John Assaraf

I guess I need to decide if I'm as committed to my own reformat as I was to that of my laptop. Whether I'm as addicted to perfecting my own life as much as I was to perfecting my laptop. Hmmm.

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