Monday, January 2, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

I had to smile.

Weighing his options...paint or demolish?

The last time I went shopping with Hunter, he picked out some wooden vehicles to paint. One {or two, he couldn't decide} for him to paint and a couple for other kids to paint when they came to Gramma J's house and wanted to paint. Well, Hunter was psychic because today Layne wanted to paint. There were two vehicles so Tyler decided to join Layne in the painting project. That is until . . .

Tyler saw the broken iron on the cupboard.

"What's wrong with your iron?"

"It quit working."

"Oh." ...........long pause............ "Um. Instead of painting, could I take it apart?"

"You're just like your father! And, yes, of course you can!"

That's why I had to smile.

So this is how the day ended up.

Layne painted and proudly ended up with two colorful vehicles.

And Tyler Nathan Junior unscrewed and pried and cut and broke and threw and growled and sweat and proudly ended up with a bag of parts to take home.

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