Monday, January 2, 2012

Something More to Ponder On

I've watched a couple of movies lately that have now been added to my "Must Have" list. I'm still thinking about exactly what they were saying and how I want to absorb what they were trying to say.

One of them was the "Adjustment Bureau" and the other was "Life, or Something Like It". They both ended up having a lot of common threads running through them and I thought it was odd that I ended up with both of them in the order I did. Even that went along with some of the concepts and thoughts that were portrayed. Examples of other ideas about things happening for a reason and the choices we have to control our destiny and how much impact little changes can have in the long run also have left me thinking. Why do I love symbolism and parallels so much? I guess when I can compare an abstract concept to something familiar, it's easier for me to grasp and deal with. Just me and my mind trying to get along.

The "Adjustment Bureau" has a group of men {with hats} who make "adjustments" when people make choices that veer them off the 'big plan'. Originally they try to keep their "adjustments" simple enough to keep the number of ripples down to a minimum. Not only did it reinforce my belief that everything happens for a reason, it also made me realize again that there is no such thing as a little, insignificant choice. There is a ripple effect to everything. What is even funnier is that we learned about choices and consequences in Primary yesterday.

"Life, or Something Like It" reinforced the idea that I really don't like Angelina Jolie but I overlooked that as much as possible. A street preacher prophesies her imminent death in a few days and, after a few of his minor prophesies come true, she begins to believe she really is going to die. With the help of a one of those 'too-good-to-be-true' friends she tries to redirect her priorities in life but just doesn't go deep enough with the changes she makes. She does try, though. And I think her efforts still make an impact on the outcome. I just like the idea of second chances. Kind of like "Premonition", too.

And so, sort of on that same note, the hard drive on my laptop has been prophesying an "imminent failure" for close to two months now. I believed it enough to purchase another hard drive {I'd have preferred a whole new laptop} but have procrastinated the actual replacing of the drive {something to do with eleven pairs of pjs, doll clothes and tents}, hoping against hope that the warning screens were just a fluke. I'm hoping all the important stuff of my life is saved, backed up and protected from disappearance so I can just step right back into all this without losing important little snippets of my life....or something like it.

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