Sunday, February 19, 2012

Night Light Philosophy 101

A million and one captions came to mind as I looked at this phenomenon. Like, "This is you when you try and cut back on Pepsi Max" or as a disclaimer for all the medications you see on the commercials, like "If you notice increased meltdowns, see your doctor at once, as this could be a sign of a more serious side effect." What could be more serious than spontaneously combusting?

Truth is, Aspen brought this night light into me the other day. It's been plugged in in one of the bedrooms downstairs. Evidently a bed with a green blanket over it has been pushed so close to the light that it began to suffocate it. I'm thinking this could be me in one of my claustrophobic moments. It's certainly what I feel like during a worst case scenario! Not only did the blanket keep the heat in, it also must have covered the sensor so the light was staying on constantly instead of the usual flickering on and off as needed.

So, my first reaction was to scold Aspen for playing with - and pulling out - the night lights. Then when I could see it didn't look right and got a closer look, I began to think how grateful I am that my house has not lit up the night sky or burned to the ground while we were at work.

This is also a visual as to why I believe in mental health days or moments or whatever I can get. If I'm crowded and suffocating and burning constantly, I have serious meltdowns. Almost as bad as the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz. This all led up to me identifying, and choosing to share, a little tidbit I believe in.

Night Light Philosophy 101 (According to Sinaj*):

We, as eternal Night Lights, were not created with the expectation that we 'let our light shine' 100% all of the time. Night Lights of our type have internal sensors and, therefore, can strive to shine when it's dark and someone might need a comforting reminder of the opposite of darkness. But then Night Lights need to have a chance to cool off and recharge those internal sensors.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of my own philosophies.

*Janis spelled backwards. Has a more philosophical ring to it. Maybe that will become my pseudonym when I want to philosophically ramble with pseudonymity!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Building Me Some Organization

I have pushed the ironing board and the cutting table back and forth in my sewing room to the point I'm amazed I am getting fat. It must be muscle I'm accumulating!

"ENOUGH!" I said to myself one day.

I may have said it a little bit louder, too, so that LOML could hear. And...I might have followed it by throwing out some feelers to see what my chances were of getting some help realizing the remodeling vision that was flashing before my eyes. LOML is too good to me!

He started measuring.

And measuring some more. And explaining to me what those numbers meant in an effort to get me to really visualize what I was asking for.

I just wanted more floor space with less exertion. The shelf was a byproduct of that strong desire.

Fortunately for everyone involved, I got dropped off at Wal-Mart while he made the Lowe's shopping trip alone. And, even luckier, he got an employee who was willing to cut all the pieces without charging him! WootWoo!!

He's ready to begin with all his tools handy!

Getting rid of all the rough edges.

Working with a smile on his face!!

Making sure he has all the pieces.

Taking shape.

Well, maybe everything isn't taking shape. Looks

like someone's blood sugar is dropping!

It's a shelf!! The glue needs to set up before he moves it.

And then, soon, it will be in my sewing room!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mariah's Journey

If this blahg experience is going to be inclusive of all important and noteworthy events {in addition to the ramblings and not-so-noteworthy events} then I need to acknowledge the journey that Mariah is on. Fortunately for Mariah {and for the rest of us} she does not journey alone. However, we all may have to learn lessons we would have either preferred not to learn or preferred to learn on a smoother, more familiar road.

A Bit of History: Mariah has complained of being stiff and sore for a long time. Joe and Mandy did everything they felt directed to do and have taken her to plenty of doctors. Until just recently, the doctors were as baffled as they were. Finally they were sent to Primary Children's Hospital where they were able to get the hard answers they needed.

During that initial visit a couple of weeks ago, Mariah was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis, an autoimmune disease that has zoomed in on her muscles. The doctor explained it to Joe, Mandy and Mariah as well as outlined the course of therapy. To say they were overwhelmed would be an understatement. They have risen to the situation, though, and as a family are dedicated to completing this journey with Mariah.

Mariah has to have a weekly injection that's basically a diluted chemotherapy drug (methotrexate). Fortunately they can give it to her themselves at home. She has also been on a high dose of Prednisone since the day of diagnosis. She has been so brave and strong with all the accompanying side effects! What a testimony of how Heavenly Father blesses us with what we will need on our journey - especially when that journey takes unplanned jogs and turns!

Her checkup was today and the doctor {per Joe's report} was impressed with Mariah's improvements. It's still going to be a long road to reverse everything that her body has accepted as normal up to this point. But they can do it. Joe and Mandy have built a strong family and continue to do so. This will just be adding some supporting beams and joists that will hold it all together even more securely.

So, whether Mariah knows it or not, she's got a huge number of people on the journey with her. Because of the Prednisone, her space bubble has expanded a little bit and gotten a little more sensitive, so we'll try not to get too close! But we're there for you and with you as much as possible. Our prayers are there when we're not.

And, Mariah, hopefully you especially know how much I love you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Flaky Memory - At Best

So, I was making bread sticks up in the "BIG" kitchen {as opposed to the slave kitchen downstairs} and because I don't use the BIG kitchen that much, I have to search for stuff. As I was searching for a bowl to melt some butter in, I saw this bowl sitting on the top shelf next to its twin {which, by the way, looks exactly like it}.

Not sure why, but when LOML and I were dating, he made a special point of making sure to tell me that he'd had his Corn Flakes for breakfast. He loved Corn Flakes, he said. That's all he ever ate for breakfast.


So, when we weren't fighting and broke up, I made a mental note every time he pointed out he'd had his favorite Corn Flakes for breakfast. Remember to stock the shelves with Corn Flakes, I would say to myself. Then we'd fight and break up and I'd forget about the Corn Flakes until we made up and he would tell me, once again how he'd started his morning out right with a bowl of his favorite Corn Flakes.

After we got married and set up housekeeping, my pantry was stocked with Corn Flakes. Big boxes of Corn Flakes. Then one night for supper I fix breakfast - not Corn Flakes - but the Works: eggs, sausage, hash browns, bacon, toast.

When we were done eating, LOML pushes his chair back from the table and says, "Now this is the kind of breakfasts I'm used to having!"

Of course, still being an insecure newlywed, I internalized his comment and took it as a full frontal attack on my skills as a wife and homemaker. I had not been doing my job! I had not been in tune to the needs of my husband {or the fact his needs (for breakfast, that is) were not being met}! How dumb of me not to see through the whole Corn Flake smoke screen!

It kind of turned into a joke, more in my little mind than in basic day-to-day life. But a joke nonetheless.

Since we got married a week before Christmas, we've never really given each other anniversary gifts. But several years ago I saw these bowls in a gift set and, after having a quick mental trip down memory lane there in the Seasonal Aisle at the grocery store, just had to buy them for him. It ended up being a pretty flaky gift as the symbolism whooshed past him and the memory had already escaped his remembering.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've Come to a Decision . . . Again.

So, I was reading back over some of my earlier posts {like from the very beginning of this adventure} and I was chuckling and snorting and sniveling to myself. These things are part of my history and they're parts that would have been forgotten if I hadn't been lame enough to write them down.

I was seriously considering ending my blahg. I embarrass people. I make them groan {or outright run away} when I whip out my camera. But after reading bits from the past, I've decided I'm forging forward.

I figure it's my choice. And you have your choice. You can either read it now or hope you can crack my password on my journal when I'm dead and gone.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Building Things

You have to have a vision to be a builder. That's my philosophy anyway. I have to have a vision in my head before I get excited about a sewing project or a crochet project or a craft project or a writing project. Some people transfer that vision to paper via a pencil and eraser and then their project begins to take shape.

The last few times we've been to Manti, I have enjoyed listening to Joe and Mandy as they explain their plans for finishing the basement. It's exciting - the creation process. Even Jodi and Mariah have caught the bug as they explain about choosing carpet colors and wall paints.

I know Joe thinks he's only building bedrooms and bookshelves and craft rooms. But I think he's building more. And he'll go on building even after Jodi and Mariah have moved into their bedrooms and Mandy is in her glory with a craft room to create fun things in and all their books are on shelves. And even after the pink carpet is laid down.

Looks like a builder to be taken serious to me!

And who is that masked man who is supposedly helping?

Watch out for any "Z"s carved in the wall!

Again, a Primary song comes to mind:

I am a builder, working each day, to build my family

And I will do the best I can to serve them lovingly.

I am a builder, growing so tall and learning every day

To speak with kindness in my home, and help at work and play.

My Heav’nly Father sent me here; and He knows I can be

Strong and righteous as I build my eternal family.

I am a builder, building a home; I seek the Lord in prayer.

And as I try to live God's word, I feel the spirit there.

I am a builder serving the Lord and following His plan

To help my family come back home and live with Him again.

My Heav’nly Father sent me here; and He knows I can be

Strong and righteous as I build my eternal family.

So, I guess building doesn't have to involve a hammer and nail. It does involve the vision, though.