Monday, February 13, 2012

A Flaky Memory - At Best

So, I was making bread sticks up in the "BIG" kitchen {as opposed to the slave kitchen downstairs} and because I don't use the BIG kitchen that much, I have to search for stuff. As I was searching for a bowl to melt some butter in, I saw this bowl sitting on the top shelf next to its twin {which, by the way, looks exactly like it}.

Not sure why, but when LOML and I were dating, he made a special point of making sure to tell me that he'd had his Corn Flakes for breakfast. He loved Corn Flakes, he said. That's all he ever ate for breakfast.


So, when we weren't fighting and broke up, I made a mental note every time he pointed out he'd had his favorite Corn Flakes for breakfast. Remember to stock the shelves with Corn Flakes, I would say to myself. Then we'd fight and break up and I'd forget about the Corn Flakes until we made up and he would tell me, once again how he'd started his morning out right with a bowl of his favorite Corn Flakes.

After we got married and set up housekeeping, my pantry was stocked with Corn Flakes. Big boxes of Corn Flakes. Then one night for supper I fix breakfast - not Corn Flakes - but the Works: eggs, sausage, hash browns, bacon, toast.

When we were done eating, LOML pushes his chair back from the table and says, "Now this is the kind of breakfasts I'm used to having!"

Of course, still being an insecure newlywed, I internalized his comment and took it as a full frontal attack on my skills as a wife and homemaker. I had not been doing my job! I had not been in tune to the needs of my husband {or the fact his needs (for breakfast, that is) were not being met}! How dumb of me not to see through the whole Corn Flake smoke screen!

It kind of turned into a joke, more in my little mind than in basic day-to-day life. But a joke nonetheless.

Since we got married a week before Christmas, we've never really given each other anniversary gifts. But several years ago I saw these bowls in a gift set and, after having a quick mental trip down memory lane there in the Seasonal Aisle at the grocery store, just had to buy them for him. It ended up being a pretty flaky gift as the symbolism whooshed past him and the memory had already escaped his remembering.

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