Saturday, February 18, 2012

Building Me Some Organization

I have pushed the ironing board and the cutting table back and forth in my sewing room to the point I'm amazed I am getting fat. It must be muscle I'm accumulating!

"ENOUGH!" I said to myself one day.

I may have said it a little bit louder, too, so that LOML could hear. And...I might have followed it by throwing out some feelers to see what my chances were of getting some help realizing the remodeling vision that was flashing before my eyes. LOML is too good to me!

He started measuring.

And measuring some more. And explaining to me what those numbers meant in an effort to get me to really visualize what I was asking for.

I just wanted more floor space with less exertion. The shelf was a byproduct of that strong desire.

Fortunately for everyone involved, I got dropped off at Wal-Mart while he made the Lowe's shopping trip alone. And, even luckier, he got an employee who was willing to cut all the pieces without charging him! WootWoo!!

He's ready to begin with all his tools handy!

Getting rid of all the rough edges.

Working with a smile on his face!!

Making sure he has all the pieces.

Taking shape.

Well, maybe everything isn't taking shape. Looks

like someone's blood sugar is dropping!

It's a shelf!! The glue needs to set up before he moves it.

And then, soon, it will be in my sewing room!

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