Saturday, March 31, 2012

From the Mouths of Chocolate-Faced Babes

Thank you Hunter!

I had General Conference on in the family room while I was working in the kitchen. I was listening to it. Honest. Hunter was in the family room eating his lunch and playing. Then he yelled in at me.

Hunter: "Gramma, General Conference is on. Don't you know when General Conference is on, you're supposed to be watching??"

Gramma: "I'm trying to listen."

Hunter: "You're supposed to be WATCHING!"

A guilty silence with no response but I continued working in the kitchen.

A few minutes later Hunter came running into the kitchen.

Hunter: "Gramma! He just said your last name! He said your name! He said Christian and that's your last name!"

Well, now I really felt guilty. My grandson had associated President Oaks' talk about Christians with his grandma who was too busy in the kitchen to be where she was supposed to be - in this case WATCHING General Conference. I think I will be more careful - being where I should be, saying what I should be saying, doing what I should be doing - in order to live up to what my grandson believes my name is.

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