Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm So Proud to Call Him My Son!!!

Seriously. I really am. He took his punishment like the grown man he is. Ha, ha.

Joe stuck his tongue out and that warrants getting soap in your mouth. He was a trooper, suffering through the consequences of his choice.

After the bubbles episode, he came to the conclusion that if he ate his apron, it would somehow absorb the soap taste from his mouth. I don't think it worked but it was great entertainment!

The beginning of the idea since rinsing
did not get rid of the soapy taste.

Getting all of the apron stuffed in

The removal . . .

Still removing . . .

Almost done removing . . .

The apron doesn't look any worse
for the mutilation. I think it will
be awhile before Joe sticks his
tongue out!

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