Sunday, April 29, 2012

Withering Chaff

So, I was watching Carter's soccer game the other night. He was sitting out one quarter and caught me off guard with this question:

"Grammy, when I go back in, do you think I should do my best?"

Well, silly me, I thought he was doing his best and told him so. His response? "No. I was only doing about medium." Honesty at the simple level.

Then I was reading my scriptures this morning {I say that in a casual way so as to make you think I read them every morning}, and I was reminded how Heavenly Father turns no one away, denies no one the blessings of the Gospel, of Exaltation, or of the Atonement. Instead of shooing us away, Heavenly Father says, "Come unto me..." I was uplifted.

Then I entered verses that described the 2nd Coming a little more. There was a lot about fires and burning and chaff and stubble and dry stalks and straw that will burn quickly. An object lesson from Relief Society many years ago came to mind.

There were two plants on the table. One was green and growing and full of life. The other dry, wilted and obviously finished. The teacher pointed out both plants had looked just the same at one time - and not just yesterday, either. The dead plant didn't get that way overnight. It took days and weeks of not getting nutrients or water or sunlight to eventually wither up.

My point is: I need to quit performing at "medium" {or lower} and improve on doing my best because I've come to believe it's all too easy to wither up.

It's been a hard winter. I'm praying for a kinder spring. ;-)

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