Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

I got a fun surprise on Memorial Day a few years ago. We'd been camping or something and came home through Malad. We decided to stop at the Oneida Pioneer Museum. I'd remembered that my Grandma had donated a lot of antiques at one time and I thought it would be fun to see if any of them were still there {or if I'd even recognize them after all these years}.It was fun but I was a little disappointed in that I didn't see much of my Grandma's. We were talking to the curator as we were getting ready to leave and something caught my eye on the wall behind the counter. I went over for a closer look and was excited to see my dad's picture among "Heroes" that were honored in the display.

Two of my uncles were also honored.

It was kind of cool {and different} thinking of him as a Hero.

A Lesson on Fertilizer . . . Or Was It?

I just want to make it known that I have religiously mowed the lawn every week . . . well . . . since I started mowing the lawn this spring. It's been a bunch of times, I'll testify to that!!

I happened to mention to LOML {whose passion is the yard, flower beds and garden} that it only took a day or two after I mowed the lawn for it to look shaggy and like it needed to be mowed again. {Weekly, yes. twice a week, not so sure}. I should have known before I commented. My answer, of course, was the answer only a lifetime, die hard, lawn and garden enthusiast and IFA indoctrinated employee could possibly give. I got the lowdown on the new type of fertilizer he had used this year. {Fertilizer is one of his many fetishes. He fertilizes when there is snow on the ground and then moans and groans when the lawn needs to be mowed the minute the snow has melted}.

This year, instead of using the traditional fertilizer {*fertilize, water, grass grows good for a bit, fertilize, water, grass grows good for a bit*, repeat * to * until the end of the season or until you 're stinking tired of mowing the lawn}, he used a new kind of fertilizer that is sort of time-released. So each time the lawn gets watered, it awakens the fertilizer and it sends out new nourishment to the grass.

As luck would have it, I started thinking a little too much about this new type of fertilizer. I thought to myself {who better to think my thoughts to than myself, right?}, I need some of this in my life. Then again, I thought to myself, {it's a good thing I've started being kinder to myself or she might quit listening to the thoughts I think to her}, I already have this type of fertilizer in my life!

There's a reason why I pray {even though I need to improve}, there's a reason why I read my scriptures {again, even though I need to improve}, there's a reason I attend the temple regularly {oh, baby, major improvement needed there}, there's a reason why I go to church and partake of the Sacrament every week, {improvement needed - at least in attitude}. Everything I can do to bring myself closer to Heavenly Father and the kind of person he wants me to be is another handful of granules that lies dormant inside of me. Sometimes I wonder if it's even there or done/doing any good.

And then the rains come.

And all those little granules that have been laid up, slowly come to life and revive me and give me what I need to go on.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Miracles to the Max!

I only got to see one of his eyes while I held him. What he saw

with the one eye must have been enough to tell him to keep

the other eye shut tight!

Today I got a miracle laid in my arms. Yup. Just flat out put in my arms. Not dropped or thrown but gently placed there by his loving mother. How nice of her to share her miracle with me while I selfishly snuggled him! Max is now a whopping 4lbs 5oz and he'll be two months old on the 25th. Almost ready to be born for real!

The world cannot possibly be all bad after feeling a baby's heartbeat close to yours or watching him breathe. It was hard to even begin to imagine what the angels were still whispering in his ears as he twitched and stretched and grimaced and . . . yes . . . even smiled a couple of time. Those angels hovering around little Max have been working really hard, too. They've talked him through a bunch of rough patches, helping him beat the odds time and time again.

Who can dare say there isn't a God who created all this

amazing stuff and loves us enough to share it with us?

I'm sure as he is poked and prodded, he is wondering why he was in such a hurry to get his tiny little body. How much more secure and protected he would be if he could have waited. But, on the flip side of that, as he stretches and punches his little hands and feet, I think his Mom is grateful {in a careful sort of way} that he's not doing that inside of her!

I have to claim Max somehow - I'm still working on that relationship. If I didn't have to work, I would gladly be his Babysitter. I may just have to settle for being a selfish old lady who steals cuddle time away from him and his mom! Oh, well, I'll take it!! As of today, I'm hooked on Max {more than just the black juice!}!

Thanks Britney for letting me come and see him and sharing him so generously with me!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Skating Down Memory Lane

For about a year now, there has been a page on the infamous Facebook entitled, "You might be from Springville if . . .". Well I immediately joined it after recognizing several names of old friends and classmates. It was fun for awhile. Fun to see what others remembered. As it grew and got more popular, I started letting it attack me.  How could I have "grown up" in a place but not have memories of all this stuff and all these places and all these events that others were ramping up over? Was I that isolated? {Okay, that's probably more of a rhetorical question.} 

Short story long, the whole thing was adding to my winter of despair and depression because if I had no memories of "growing up", did it ever really happen? {I never have really admitted to growing up, by the way - and don't plan on changing that status in the near future} One of my saving graces was spending a couple of days with Betty - in Springville. Specifically, taking Bosha for a walk around the "block". Lots of familiar sights started to bring back memories and I realized the "block" was where the majority of my "growing up" memories were. And how did I usually get around the "block", you might ask?

Well, there were three possibilities: 1) I walked, 2) I bicycled, 3) I rollerskated. Walking was boring. Biking was dangerous; especially when people had edged the grass away from the sidewalk. Back in the day, they'd cut about a one or two-inch wide strip out on the grass side where it ran along the edge of the sidewalk. That left a ditch just wide enough to catch the front wheel of a bicycle and flip you over. {Yes, I speak from experience - I didn't get bad knees just by normal wear and tear!}

That leaves rollerskating. And I loved to rollerskate. {If I choose to not include the infamous college rollerskating date fiasco, however.} 

Awhile ago there was a picture on Facebook of the kind of skates I had. It wasn't enough to just repost it, I needed to find a pair of skates and see if I could still skate. 

The arrival of the box

The first layer peeled away

As luck would have it, I did find a brand new pair of skates on Ebay for surprisingly little. Not as cheap as the box said it cost back then, but cheap enough for my budget. So bear with my little roll down memory lane - or quit reading.

Almost there!

Just like I remember them being!


The Skate Key. This is the Swiss Army Knife for rollerskates.

Any adjustments that need to be made can be fixed with this

amazing key. It was so necessary to have at all times that it was

strung on a shoelace and worn like a necklace.

The Pillow. Considerably bigger than the one I'd strap on
when I was younger but certain body parts have gotten
considerably bigger since I've gotten older {I mean less young}.
Obviously not going to strap this one on but I think for the
first little bit, I'll just skate round and round it.

Okay, well, now that I have the skates, the Key and my safety equipment, it's time to get serious. Thank goodness for clearance sales because I don't own a pair of the correct shoes.



Better. Only in my day, the best kind of shoes were

PF Flyers. WalMart cheapies will have to do!

In the last minute, I decided it would be a good idea to do a little brushing up on the skills required to properly {and safely} skate. After all, it has been a few years. Thank goodness my new skates came with an instruction manual!

Notice the price in the corner?

I pledge to be a good skater!

Like I have a lot of options when

it comes to places to skate! First

priority is it has to be a place where

no one will see me. Especially

when I hit the ground!!!

Yeah, it would be a good idea to

know how to successfully

navigate in these things

The basic rules

Gonna wait awhile before I try any stunts . . . at least

intentionally anyway!

Adjusting the toes

Adjusting the length

I think I've got it! Took a lot longer than I remember it taking

in my younger years!

Actually standing up!! WootWoo!!!

So, remember the Titanic? Do you realize how less tragic that incident would have been had the maiden voyage been made with just the Captain on board? Assuming the same set of circumstances would have occurred, he would have been more likely to have escaped, dry as a bone, in his choice of any of the available life boats. And it would be totally up to him alone who he told about the failure of the Titanic. Maiden voyages should be made solo. That way less people are aware, less versions of the embellished events will be told, there are less possibilities of future re-enactments {like block-buster movies} and I'm less likely to be vegetating in the nursing home while family members surround my bed holding their bellies and chortling over their various recollections of my Skating Saga.

This is the last picture I'm posting of my maiden voyage!

There's a reason I chose to stay on the patio.

Otherwise I'd have been seeing stars - literally!

However, I'm determined! I am going to regain my skating prowess - or at least get to a point where I can keep up with some of the slower grandkids!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To the many mothers, young and old, alive and passed on, who are such an example to me! I love these songs and so this is my tribute to all of you! {I tried to embed the songs themselves but failed miserably}

A Mother's Prayer

I know you're listening

As I lay me down to sleep

It's not for me, I ask

But my children's souls to keep

It seems the world is going crazy

And though I need to do my share

Could you please, take them under wing

Watch over them especially

Keeping them safe from everything

This is a mother's prayer

I know you're listening

In the silence of this night

The news is blistering

But I hold on to your light

And though there's darkness all around us

By my faith, I know you're there

Give me the strength to lead the way

Send me the words I need to say

Use me to guide them day by day

This is a mother's prayer

I know, I can't do this by myself

I thank you for your help

I know you're listening

So I know, I'm not alone

I feel you here with me

As we all face the unknown

Could you return us to your garden

Where no one's hurt and no one's scared

Free us from pride and bitterness

Keep us so close we won't forget

Teach us to love as you love

This is a mother's prayer

Teach us to love as you love

This is a mother's prayer.


A mother's eyes reflect the love of heaven,

A love born long before this life began.

A love which grows each day, which will not fade away.

A love inspired by Heavenly Fathers plan.

A mother's hands reflect a life of service,

A life of sacrifice for those she loves.

And through her living hands, she shapes the soul of man,

Prepares for eternal life above.

A mother's words teach children righteous living,

And her example leads them to the light.

She speaks the words of truth, that guide their tender youth,

And point the course they take throughout their life.

A mother's life reflects itself in our life,

Her ways of living are engrained in ours.

And through the change in years, and days of joy and tears.

Her love will lead us on,

Her words will point the course,

Her hands will lift us up,

To God.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Surprising List

Lame, I know, but I was taking my semi-annual bath the other night. A fleeting thought ran through my brain right before water filled my ears and overflowed into my eyes and nose and I had a small panic attack. At any rate, the fleeting thought was: how grateful I am for baths.

Now, coming from someone who hates water and was still fearfully hyperventilating, that's pretty huge. But I've always loved my flaming hot baths behind a locked door and a good book. When the kids were little, that was my 'alone' time.

Anyway, after thinking how grateful I was for my bath, I continued my list and was amazed at how big it got. Here's what I came up with in just a few minutes:

I'm grateful -

  • I can take a bath

  • I have a body to wash

  • I have enough self esteem to want to take a bath

  • I have enough brains to know I need to take a bath

  • My joints still work good enough to get in the tub

  • My joints still work good enough to get out of the tub

  • My health is good enough that I can bathe myself

  • I have eyes to get soap in

  • I have legs to gouge with my razor

  • I have running water

  • I have clean water

  • I have clean, hot, running water

  • I have a hot water heater so I don't have to boil the water first

  • There's snow pack in the mountains that melts and fills the reservoirs

  • I don't have to ration the water

  • I have indoor plumbing

  • I have a house with a bathroom

  • I have a bathroom with a lock on the door so the boogeyman doesn't bother me

  • I have a bathroom with a heater in it to enjoy baths even when it's cold

  • I have hair to wash

  • I have hands to wash my hair

  • I can still breathe even when I get water in my face {in spite of the fact I panic every time}

  • I can afford to buy soap and shampoo

  • I have soft towels and wash clothes

  • For drains that take my dirty water away for me

Maybe it's not impressive to anyone else, but I was amazed at how long of a list of things to be grateful for I could come up with for something that is so inconsequential and such a minor part of my hour, my day, my week, my life as taking a bath. I can't even begin to imagine how long my list would be if I tried to list all the things I have to be grateful for in a whole day! There's definitely a grundle of things I take for granted!

Gratitude - One more thing I can definitely be better at!