Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Lesson on Fertilizer . . . Or Was It?

I just want to make it known that I have religiously mowed the lawn every week . . . well . . . since I started mowing the lawn this spring. It's been a bunch of times, I'll testify to that!!

I happened to mention to LOML {whose passion is the yard, flower beds and garden} that it only took a day or two after I mowed the lawn for it to look shaggy and like it needed to be mowed again. {Weekly, yes. twice a week, not so sure}. I should have known before I commented. My answer, of course, was the answer only a lifetime, die hard, lawn and garden enthusiast and IFA indoctrinated employee could possibly give. I got the lowdown on the new type of fertilizer he had used this year. {Fertilizer is one of his many fetishes. He fertilizes when there is snow on the ground and then moans and groans when the lawn needs to be mowed the minute the snow has melted}.

This year, instead of using the traditional fertilizer {*fertilize, water, grass grows good for a bit, fertilize, water, grass grows good for a bit*, repeat * to * until the end of the season or until you 're stinking tired of mowing the lawn}, he used a new kind of fertilizer that is sort of time-released. So each time the lawn gets watered, it awakens the fertilizer and it sends out new nourishment to the grass.

As luck would have it, I started thinking a little too much about this new type of fertilizer. I thought to myself {who better to think my thoughts to than myself, right?}, I need some of this in my life. Then again, I thought to myself, {it's a good thing I've started being kinder to myself or she might quit listening to the thoughts I think to her}, I already have this type of fertilizer in my life!

There's a reason why I pray {even though I need to improve}, there's a reason why I read my scriptures {again, even though I need to improve}, there's a reason I attend the temple regularly {oh, baby, major improvement needed there}, there's a reason why I go to church and partake of the Sacrament every week, {improvement needed - at least in attitude}. Everything I can do to bring myself closer to Heavenly Father and the kind of person he wants me to be is another handful of granules that lies dormant inside of me. Sometimes I wonder if it's even there or done/doing any good.

And then the rains come.

And all those little granules that have been laid up, slowly come to life and revive me and give me what I need to go on.

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