Monday, May 14, 2012

Skating Down Memory Lane

For about a year now, there has been a page on the infamous Facebook entitled, "You might be from Springville if . . .". Well I immediately joined it after recognizing several names of old friends and classmates. It was fun for awhile. Fun to see what others remembered. As it grew and got more popular, I started letting it attack me.  How could I have "grown up" in a place but not have memories of all this stuff and all these places and all these events that others were ramping up over? Was I that isolated? {Okay, that's probably more of a rhetorical question.} 

Short story long, the whole thing was adding to my winter of despair and depression because if I had no memories of "growing up", did it ever really happen? {I never have really admitted to growing up, by the way - and don't plan on changing that status in the near future} One of my saving graces was spending a couple of days with Betty - in Springville. Specifically, taking Bosha for a walk around the "block". Lots of familiar sights started to bring back memories and I realized the "block" was where the majority of my "growing up" memories were. And how did I usually get around the "block", you might ask?

Well, there were three possibilities: 1) I walked, 2) I bicycled, 3) I rollerskated. Walking was boring. Biking was dangerous; especially when people had edged the grass away from the sidewalk. Back in the day, they'd cut about a one or two-inch wide strip out on the grass side where it ran along the edge of the sidewalk. That left a ditch just wide enough to catch the front wheel of a bicycle and flip you over. {Yes, I speak from experience - I didn't get bad knees just by normal wear and tear!}

That leaves rollerskating. And I loved to rollerskate. {If I choose to not include the infamous college rollerskating date fiasco, however.} 

Awhile ago there was a picture on Facebook of the kind of skates I had. It wasn't enough to just repost it, I needed to find a pair of skates and see if I could still skate. 

The arrival of the box

The first layer peeled away

As luck would have it, I did find a brand new pair of skates on Ebay for surprisingly little. Not as cheap as the box said it cost back then, but cheap enough for my budget. So bear with my little roll down memory lane - or quit reading.

Almost there!

Just like I remember them being!


The Skate Key. This is the Swiss Army Knife for rollerskates.

Any adjustments that need to be made can be fixed with this

amazing key. It was so necessary to have at all times that it was

strung on a shoelace and worn like a necklace.

The Pillow. Considerably bigger than the one I'd strap on
when I was younger but certain body parts have gotten
considerably bigger since I've gotten older {I mean less young}.
Obviously not going to strap this one on but I think for the
first little bit, I'll just skate round and round it.

Okay, well, now that I have the skates, the Key and my safety equipment, it's time to get serious. Thank goodness for clearance sales because I don't own a pair of the correct shoes.



Better. Only in my day, the best kind of shoes were

PF Flyers. WalMart cheapies will have to do!

In the last minute, I decided it would be a good idea to do a little brushing up on the skills required to properly {and safely} skate. After all, it has been a few years. Thank goodness my new skates came with an instruction manual!

Notice the price in the corner?

I pledge to be a good skater!

Like I have a lot of options when

it comes to places to skate! First

priority is it has to be a place where

no one will see me. Especially

when I hit the ground!!!

Yeah, it would be a good idea to

know how to successfully

navigate in these things

The basic rules

Gonna wait awhile before I try any stunts . . . at least

intentionally anyway!

Adjusting the toes

Adjusting the length

I think I've got it! Took a lot longer than I remember it taking

in my younger years!

Actually standing up!! WootWoo!!!

So, remember the Titanic? Do you realize how less tragic that incident would have been had the maiden voyage been made with just the Captain on board? Assuming the same set of circumstances would have occurred, he would have been more likely to have escaped, dry as a bone, in his choice of any of the available life boats. And it would be totally up to him alone who he told about the failure of the Titanic. Maiden voyages should be made solo. That way less people are aware, less versions of the embellished events will be told, there are less possibilities of future re-enactments {like block-buster movies} and I'm less likely to be vegetating in the nursing home while family members surround my bed holding their bellies and chortling over their various recollections of my Skating Saga.

This is the last picture I'm posting of my maiden voyage!

There's a reason I chose to stay on the patio.

Otherwise I'd have been seeing stars - literally!

However, I'm determined! I am going to regain my skating prowess - or at least get to a point where I can keep up with some of the slower grandkids!

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  1. I must say you have a lot of energy at your age. I can't believe you actually found those skates and tried using them again. Oh, my aching hips, after I saw your picture of the roof of the patio. Please be careful. P.S. Daddy walked you around the block often, holding you on his shoulders. He loved you.