Saturday, June 30, 2012

Geo Caching

Nate pulled through again at Clear Creek by looking up some Geo-caching sites and bringing the coordinates with him when they came to camp on Saturday. The older grandkids still talk about some of the first Geo-caching experiences he led them on.

Nate loading up his gear and rearranging so some

of us could ride in there to get to the sites.

Colton, Layne, Garrett and Gramma riding in the back of Nate's truck.

{that would be my leg - just to prove I was really there}

Carter and Tyler followed the truck on their bikes.

This was the reality of their bike ride - they ate our dust

the whole way.

Nellie and Adam followed the bikes

The first site stumped us. The clue was "Tree Nest Under Sticks and Rocks". We never were able to find the cache but we had fun searching and coming up with ideas about what they meant by 'tree nest' and where it could be stashed.

Trying to figure out the best way to get across the stream.

What's that reflection off the top of Nathan's

head??? Oh, my!

They certainly look like little explorers, don't they?

Carter and Adam trying to get some inspiration as to where

to look for the cache.

A power huddle as some of the great minds try and decide which way to head.

Garrett, Krisy and Layne

The Clue to the Second Geo Cache was "Barely Legal" and the coordinates led us to some fenced property that adjoined the National Forest Service land. Judging by the clue, we stayed on the legal side of the fence and this time we found the cache. Well, Nellie found it. There were so many false alarms at the first spot that she had to announce her discovery a few times before anyone believed her.

Tyler, Carter and Uncle Nate

The whole gang gathered around as Nellie opened the box and

showed everyone the contents.

The whole gang getting ready to head back to camp. Getting to this

point was all downhill, which meant it was uphill all the

way back to camp so Tyler and Carter hitched a ride back to camp.

The third Geo Cache Adventure was a little closer to camp. Tyler took charge of the GPS and led the group as they followed its arrow. The name of this one was Potato and the clue was "Help me, I'm falling".

Hmm. Which way should we go?

I am reminded of the song, "Five little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away . . ." 


The Booty

They soon found a potato can under a tree that was leaning precariously. This particular Geo-cache had surprises and treats in it that they could divide out and keep. They were a little bummed at the other site when Nate explained the rules of Geo-caching; namely you don't take any of the treasures out of their container.

Nellie dividing out the booty. There were treats and glow sticks and a ball and whistle toy. We were lucky that whoever {wink, wink} left this stash knew what these little boys would have fun with and also knew to leave five of everything!

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